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  1. Trump Unleashes Twitter Tirade Against DACA and Mexico, as W. H. Photo Shows Most Interns are as White as Trump's Immigration Agenda. Roger Algase

    Update, April 2 at 3:22 pm:

    According to the latest story in The Guardian about Trump's Twitter Tirades against Dreamers and other Mexican/Central American immigrants, Trump is now claiming that, because of them,"our country is being stolen".

    The racial implications of this and other similar anti-immigrant epithets coming from the president are too obvious and frequent to be ignored by the media any longer. This latest statement is an obvious dog whistle to Trump's white nationalist base that America's "white identity" is being taken away by brown-skinned immigrants, both legal and illegal.

    Such is the foundation of White House immigration policy in the Donald Trump Era.

    Update, April 1 at 9:57 pm:

    For a more complete story about the details of the venom which Trump let loose against Dreamers and Mexican immigrants while on his way to worship on Easter Sunday see, The Guardian:

    Easter tirade: Trump attacks Nafta and says 'No more Daca deal'

    The following comment has been revised and updated as of April 1 at 2:53 pm:

    In his own unique version of the "Easter Spirit of goodwill", Donald Trump lashed out at DACA and Mexican immigrants in general on the morning of April 1 in a tirade of tweets, vowing that there would be no DACA deal and threatening to cancel NAFTA over Mexico's alleged failure to stop "caravans" of illegal immigrants from coming to the United States.

    According to multiple news reports, Trump has been accompanied on his trip to Mar-a-Lago by top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, who has been widely accused of having white supremacist sympathies and associations. Trump also reportedly had his usual heavy dose of watching Fox News, which no one would claim to be a supporter of immigration from non-white parts of the world, before issuing his anti-Mexican twitter rants.

    One might ask what has happened to the Donald Trump who recently expressed "Love" for the Dreamers and who, according to some of his supporters, is really their "best friend". But this would be a useless question.

    Not entirely by coincidence, the White House has also released a photo of its latest interns, showing only 5 non-white interns out of a total of 91.

    Given Trump's abundant record of venomous attacks on immigrants of color from many parts of the world both as candidate and president; and, in addition to terminating TPS and DACA legal status for hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants who are already in the US, his push to change the legal immigration system to eliminate family and diversity visas which have helped millions of legal immigrants from Latin America, Asia and Africa to come to the US over the past decades, this latest White House photo could well be looked at as a template for Trump's continuing whites-only agenda for legal immigration.

    For more about the deep roots in America's immigration history of Trump's efforts to skew the legal immigration system in order to Make America White Again, see, (January 18):

    The scary ideology behind Trump's immigration instincts

    Well worth reading and reflecting on in the light of Trump's latest Easter outburst against immigrants of color.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 04-02-2018 at 02:22 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

  2. Attention, Visa Applicants: Big Brother Donald is Watching You on Social Media. He Also Wants to Defy Congress on Border Wall Spending. Roger Algase

    Update, March 31, 10:45 am:

    In yet another example of the apparent instinct toward dictatorship which has very arguably characterized the Trump presidency, and in which immigration policy has been a major factor (see the two latest examples below), Trump launched another attack against the Washington Post, which has been one of his strongest media critics on immigration, in an early morning Saturday, March 31 tweet.

    In the tweet, sent on his way to the golf course, Trump claimed that the Post should "register" as a "lobbyist" for Amazon, whose owner, Jeff Bezos, also owns that paper. Trump also accused Amazon of scamming the US Post Office to the tune of $2.6 billion by paying unreasonably law shipping rates.

    Threats to punish media which are critical of the regime, and attempts to hurt or destroy the businesses of regime opponents, are a common feature of banana republics and other dictatorships. They have no place in a free and democratic society.

    Trump's latest attacks on the Washington Post, hardly his first one on a free and independent press since launching his presidential campaign and taking office as president, have not yet reached the level of jailing and allegedly poisoning independent journalists, as is the case with Vladimir Putin, whose relationship with Trump and/or Trump's associates is still under investigation by Robert Mueller (someone else whom Trump would obviously like to remove as an obstacle to his ambitions as soon as possible).

    But Trump's relentless attacks and threats against opposing media and journalists who disagree with his policies on immigration, among other issues, are moving in the same direction as Putin's.

    My earlier comment follows:

    If you are a US visa applicant from anywhere in the world, not just a suspected terror-prone area, Big Brother Donald Trump may soon be watching your social media posts for the past five years, as well as your phone numbers, email addresses and travel history during the same period.

    The Guardian
    reports that under new proposed procedures which have just been published in the Federal Register, Trump's promised "extreme vetting" of visa applicants, with what the ACLU accurately calls its chilling effect on free speech and association, will, if adopted, apply to all visa applicants world wide, not just those from Muslim or other "suspect" countries, as announced by the State Department last May.

    If foreign citizens are subjected to this kind of ideological scrutiny, which, based on Trump's notorious intolerance for any kind of criticism or opposition, will inevitably target visa applicants who have ever made any negative comments concerning him or his policies, can it be very long before the same kind of surveillance and thought control is directed against American citizens as well - if, indeed, this is not happening already?

    Welcome, George Orwell, to the spirit of Donald Trump's America (but just don't bother to apply for permission to come here).

    And in another indication that a quaint but now outmoded doctrine which used to known as the Rule of Law in America has no place in Trump's White House, The Guardian also reports that the president is considering possible attempts to get around clear Congressional restrictions (in the just enacted spending bill) against using federal money to pay for his Mexican border wall by improperly using military funds for this purpose.

    Again, this is an issue which shows the danger that Trump's anti-immigrant agenda presents to America's democracy in general. We have a Constitution which says that Congress, not the president, makes the laws in this country.

    If the president can overturn these laws just on his own as part of his efforts to stop Mexican and other non-white immigrants from coming to the United States, then we may still "have a country", to borrow from Trump's favorite expression that we "won't have a country" if immigrants continue to come in from parts of the world, or with skin color or religions, that he doesn't like.

    But it will not be a country based on the principles of freedom and government by the people that America was founded on and has always stood for throughout its history up to now.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 03-31-2018 at 05:51 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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