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  1. Trump's Family Separation (Faintly) Echoed Holocaust and Made Children Hostages to White Supremacist Immigration Legislative Agenda. Roger Algase

    Donald Trump's vicious and nhuman Child Separation policy did not involve killing any immigrants or their children, though it can be blamed for at least one death - that of a Honduran man who killed himself in detention after being separated from his child.

    But this policy has nevertheless given rise to comparisons between Trump's child separation agenda carried out against Central American immigrants whom he despises and vilifies as "criminals" "invaders" and even animals and vermin who are "infesting" and "invading" the US, and the Holocaust.

    Jonathan Freedland, for example, in a June 22 article in The Guardian, raises some very disturbing questions about the deeper significance of the Trump-Sessions-Miller administration's cruelty and abuse toward non-white immigrant families.


    Inspired by Trump, the world could be heading back toward the 1930's

    Freedland writes:

    "So yes, when Donald Trump ordered US government agents on the Southern border to separate migrant children from their parents, to tear screaming toddlers from their fathers and even to pull a baby from its mother's breast, he was not re-enacting the Holocaust. He was not ordering the eradication of an entire people or sending millions to their deaths. But there were echoes. And we must hear them."

    Freedland continues:

    "The parents ripped from those 2,300 children on the Mexican border were not led off to be murdered. But there are grounds to believe they may never again see their sons or daughters, some of whom were sent thousands of miles away. "

    And more:

    "But the echoes don't end there. The wire cages. The guards telling weeping children they are forbidden from hugging each other. And then this chilling detail, reported by the Texas Monthly. It turns out that US border guards don't always tell parents they're taking their children away."

    Freedland also writes:

    "And if the mechanics of this operation strike a familiar note, so too does the rhetoric and propaganda deployed by those behind it and defending it. You don't have to go to 1930's Germany to know that the first step toward catastrophe is the dehumanization of a reviled group. It happened that way in Rwanda and in the Balkans in the 1990's, and it's happening in today's United States."

    He explains further:

    "'These aren't people, these are animals,' the US president said last month. They want to 'pour into and infest our country', he tweeted this week. 'infest' is a word reserved for rats and insects. This is the language of those seeking to choke off human sympathy by suggesting that those suffering are not even human."

    Trump's suggestion that Central American and other non-white immigrants are like rats or vermin undeniably resembles Hitler's similar verbal attacks against the Jews.

    But while there are undeniably at least faint echoes of the same kind of thinking that ultimately led to Hitler's Final Solution in Trump's attacks on brown immigrants as being less than human, and in the deliberate cruelty, amounting to sadism, of his border child separation, there is also evidence that this inhuman policy was designed for a strategic purpose.

    The purpose was to force Congress to pass extreme right wing legislative proposals which would take America back to the 1920's era when our immigration system was openly based on white supremacist ideology. Even Adolf Hitler, writing in Mein Kampf, praised America's infamous "Nordics-only" 1924 "National Origins" immigration act which cut off immigration almost entirely from Asia, Africa and the Middles East, as well as Eastern and Southern Europe, where most of Europe's Jews and Catholics lived.

    Recent events show that it is no coincidence that Jeff Sessions, overseer and main spokesman for Trump's infamous child separation policy, also praised the same racist 1924 immigration law in a January, 2015 immigration "Handbook" that he authored) as a Senator.

    As Jodi Jacobson sums it up succinctly in (June 20):

    "For at least 15 years, hard right members of the GOP have tried but failed to pass legislation profoundly restricting immigration to the United States. Now, the Trump administration believes it has found a way to achieve that goal: Separating the children of unauthorized immigrants from their parents and holding them for ransom."

    She continues

    "The price? Passage of one of two bills thst would sharply limit legal immigration to the United States,, make the range of countries from which immigrants can obtain visas or apply for citizenship narrower and whiter, criminalize and prioritize for deportation virtually all undocumented persons now residing in the country and further militarize the US borders."


    Trump's Ransom: Trading Child Hostages for White Supremacist Immigration Policy

    More details are available in this article.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 06-26-2018 at 10:21 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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