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Blog Comments

  1. pioux's Avatar
    I do not think they have set an "unprecedented" standard for supporting documents since PERM was established...
    Your question is very vague.
  2. confudsed's Avatar
    My perm(EB-3) is denied without audit, my attorney did not inform me about it until thy respond to USDOL for a reconsideration of the denial in the labor certification. The denial was based on a new and unprecedented standard (I don't know what is that, if anybody knows about it please let me know) I think,I am not sure, they accepted the reconsideration in the last week of April,2017 my attorney said that it was not our mistake,it was the mistake of USDOL as the USDOL capriciously changed the standard for supporting documentation and denied the application based on the new standard and the application should have been reviewed based on precedent decisions, not a new,

    Does it go to the queue of Government error?

    How about the chance of approval?
    How long does it take?

    Is anybody know about it..Please let me know
    My H1-B is going to expire January 01, 2019
  3. PaulCaylor's Avatar
    There is no clear distinction for a professional or skilled worker in our country. According to a custom writing service, these parameters tend to change based on preferences making it very difficult to understand. As our country is covetly run by billionaires who make their money by oppressing the working class, the Government would never raise a finger about these ammendments.
  4. 111's Avatar
    The problem with the decision or the law is it fails to acknowledge how the employment agency is making money and why the employer is using an employment agency in the first place, and what a PERM position is. The PERM position is granted when no american can be found who is able to do the job, which in itself is a laugh and rare given the millions of educated americans and that the experience gained is on the job.
    Evidence regarding what the employment agency is being paid to do should be required with the perm application to the DOL under the regulations, as it does not make sense that an employer when it uses an agency at that point is really looking to hire anybody else but the foreign PERM applicant.
    It is most likely de incentivized to hire any american worker if it is getting a flat fee even if it finds no-one. Why would they do all that work to get the same fee? Therefore the DOL requirement of disclosing the name is a check on fraud. Maybe the real problem/ mistake was allowing employment agencies in the PERM or h1-b process at all, or not requiring payment information to be disclosed, as hiding an employer does not allow an applicant the benefit of notice and therefore violates an american applicants due process rights.
  5. lauriehawkins's Avatar
    Joel, hello and hope you remember me; I worked with you a few years back. Doing some research on SVP and this was EXCELLENT - thank you for the guidance and hope you are well.
    Laurie Hawkins
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