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  1. March 10, 2011 - Coming Out - Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic

    by , 03-09-2011 at 04:32 AM (Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal)
  2. Twenty-Year-Old Mexican Police Chief‚Äďa/k/a the Bravest Woman in Mexico‚ÄďFiles for Asylum

    In October 2010, Marisol Valles became the police chief of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, a small town near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Her predecessor had been beheaded by a drug gang, and the whole area has been plagued by horrific drug violence.  No one else wanted the job, so Ms. Valles, a criminal justice major at a local college, stepped in.  Mexican newspapers dubbed her "the bravest woman in Mexico," but now, sources in Mexico and the U.S. confirm that she has crossed the border to ask for asylum in the United States.
    The bravest woman in Mexico is also smart enough to know when to run away.
    Ms. Valles asked for an eight-day leave for a personal matter involving her child and said she would return on Monday.  The town fired her after she failed to return and they could not reach her.  Apparently, she received multiple death threats, and feared for herself and her family.
    MSNBC reports that she is in the U.S. and will seek asylum before an Immigration Judge.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, in northern Mexico, "hundreds of police officers have been slain by drug traffickers who have targeted officers' families, homes, and places of work."  Nevertheless, the odds are not in Ms. Valles favor.  According to statistics from the Executive Office for Immigration Review, of the 3,231 Mexicans who applied for asylum in Immigration Court in FY 2010, only 49 cases, or about 1.5%, were granted. 
    The reason for the low success rate is that people fleeing Mexican drug violence do not generally meet the definition of a "refugee," a person with a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion or particular social group.  While such people have a "well-founded fear," they generally cannot demonstrate that the fear is on account of a protected ground. 
    Another possible reason for the low success rate of Mexican asylum seekers is the U.S. government's fear of opening the floodgate to many thousands of people who fear the rampant violence in Mexico. 
    Given Ms. Valles's high profile, her odds of gaining asylum might be better than the average Mexican's (or even the average Mexican police officer's).  Whether or not she succeeds in obtaining asylum, her case is another sad reminder of the difficulties faced by our Southern neighbor.
    Originally posted on the Asylumist:
  3. FSBPT to have fixed testing for all applicants

    by , 03-08-2011 at 02:38 PM (Chris Musillo on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration)
    by Chris Musillo
    The FSBPT has just announced that they will be using a fixed test date for all applicants regardless of country of education or nationality. The FSBPT's web-page posting makes clear that this was in part in response to their unsuccessful defense of the NPTE-i program in Georgia. The fixed test dates for 2011 are:

    September 7, 2011 (Wednesday)
    October 20, 2011 (Thursday)
    December 5, 2011 (Monday)

    In 2012, the FSBPT has committed to five testing days.
    In February a Georgia judge ruled that the FSBPT's previous NPTE-i testing scheme violated Georgia law. The Georgia judge's decision did not address whether or not the NPTE-i violated Georgia discrimination and due process Constitutional issues. Those issues may be addressed in an appeal, should the FSBPT chose to appeal the Georgia court's decision.
    To some degree an appeal would be moot in light of the FSBPT's actions today. MU commends the FSBPT for producing a fair and equitable testing system.
    Read the full Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at or
  4. Mar 8 - Ten Years Of Archives

    -----------------IMMIGRATION DAILY FROM ILW.COM------------------

    March 8, 2011,0308.shtm


    1. Comment: Ten Years Of Archives - ILW.COM has published
    Immigration Daily every single business day for over ten years,
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    hacked.) We keep the entire archive of Immigration Daily on our
    website here).
    If you want to find, refer to or link to a particular Immigration
    Daily issue you can use our archive to do so. If you are looking
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    to find it.

    2. Article: International Migration Outlook: SOPEMI 2010
    by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),0308-oecd.shtm

    3. Article: Taking Our Medicine: America's Pressing and
    Unanswered Need for Immigration Reform by Leon and Michael Wildes,0308-wildes.shtm

    4. Article: Testimony Before the Georgia House Judiciary
    Committee on HB 87 by Charles Kuck,0308-kuck.shtm

    5. Article: 11 Business Practices That Undermine Your Marketing
    Program and Trash Your Reputation by Trey Ryder,0308-ryder.shtm

    6. Bloggings: Immigrant Of The Day: Andy Bechtolsheim -
    Entrepreneur by Greg Siskind,0308-siskind.shtm

    7. Bloggings: OFWs At NAIA by Chris Musillo,0308-musillo.shtm

    8. News: USCIS Publishes Interim Memo On T And U Visa Extensions
    For Comment,0308-tuvisas.pdf

    9. News: White House Publishes Presidential Memo On Unexpected
    Refugee Needs Related To Libya,0308-libya.shtm

    10. News: CRS Report On Federal Taxation Of Aliens Working In The
    United States And Selected Legislation,0308-crs.pdf

    11. Focus: The Physician Immigration Book
    ILW.COM is pleased to announce The Physician Immigration Book
    edited by Robert Aronson. Contributors are: Mary Amundson, Robert
    Aronson, Lisa Atkins, Therese Bart, Janice Bianco, Ingrid Brey,
    Brian Bruner, Elise Bruner, Jacqueline Bucar, Lisa Claypool,
    Kristi Crawford, Karen Dean, Alex Dgebuadze, Robert Divine,
    Goldie Domingue, Maria Fritzinger Elias, Eleanor Fitzpatrick,
    Roberta Freedman, Kristen Harris, Wendy Hess, Dayna Kelly,
    Khorzad Mehta, Jennifer Minear, Bruce Morrison, George Newman,
    Elizabeth Neuwirth, Ana Pottratz Acosta, Karen Pollins, Jennell
    Prentice, Elizabeth Quinn, Michelle Scimecca, Suzanne Seltzer,
    Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, Rita Sostrin, Tim Skinner, Sarah
    Peterson Strensrud, Margaret Stock, Hamel Vyas, Tracy Wallowicz,
    David Ware, Nathan Waxman, Andrew Wizner and Robert Whitehill
    The book outline is as follows:
    ++Healthigration: Immigration Meets Healthcare Reform by Robert
    ++U.S. Physician Workforce Policy And The Role Of International
    Medical Graduates: Modest Proposals For A New Era by Kristen
    ++Immigration Attorneys And In-House Recruiters: The Essential
    Connection by Tim Skinner and Jennell Prentice
    ++Rural Healthcare & Conrad 30 J-1 Waivers by Mary Amundson, and
    Therese Bart
    ++The Evolution Of The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program And The
    Foreign Residence Obligation: How They Developed To Control
    Employment In Graduate Medical Education By International Medical
    Graduates by Ingrid K. Brey
    ++ECFMG Role in Administering the J-1 Physician Program by
    Eleanor Fitzpatrick & Tracy Wallowicz
    ++J-1 Clinical Training For Physicians: Institutional
    Consideration & Concepts by Lisa E. Claypool and Hamel Vyas
    ++International Medical Graduates And The J-1 Exchange Visitor
    Program: Institutional Roles And Responsibilities by Janice
    ++Physician Intake And Issue Spotting by Robert S. Whitehill
    ++50 Ways To 30 Waivers: The Conrad State 30 Program by Suzanne
    ++Fundamentals And Relevance Of Underserved Designations by
    Robert D. Aronson
    ++Interested Government Agency (IGA) Clinical Waiver Programs by
    Goldie C. Domingue
    ++The New Veterans Health Administration - Again? by Michelle M.
    Eaton Scimecca
    ++J-1 Waivers Through the U.S. Department Of Health And Human
    Services (HHS) - Promoting Excellence And Impact In Biomedical
    Research by Elizabeth Quinn
    ++Brief Overview Of Physician's Use Of H-1B Visa Category by
    George S. Newman
    ++H-1B Visas For Physicians-In-Training: A Marathon Or An
    Obstacle Course? by Alexander Dgebuadze and Rita Sostrin
    ++Tracking The Intractable: H-1B Fulfillment Issues For
    International Medical Graduates by Khorzad Mehta
    ++A Look At Selected Cutting Edge Issues For H1-B International
    Medical Graduates by Andrew L. Wizner
    ++CSpouses Should Derive More H-1B Time Along With The Green Card
    Process by Robert Divine
    ++Who Calls The Shots: The Corporate Practice Of Medicine And
    Defining The Employer In H-1B Physician Cases by Jacqueline D.
    Bucar and Elizabeth M. Neuwirth
    ++Alternative Non-Immigrant Visa Options For International
    Medical Graduates by Roberta Freedman and Lisa Atkins
    ++Canadian Physicians - Separate And Unequal by Carl Shusterman
    ++Threading The Needle: Counseling The International Medical
    Graduate On Options For Lawful Permanent Residence by Jennifer A.
    ++Traversing The Permanent Residence Landscape For International
    Medical Graduates: A Comparative Analysis by Brian T. Bruner
    ++Take One Aspirin And A Zantac Before Proceeding: The Alien
    Labor Certification Process For Physicians by Wendy Castor Hess,
    Karen M. Pollins and Maria P. Fritzinger Elias
    ++"Establishing Business Necessity In Physician Labor
    Certification: Is It Ever A Necessity? by Dayna Kelly
    ++"The Special Handling Labor Certification In The Context Of
    Medical Schools by David Ware
    ++Obtaining The NIW Attestation Letter Of Support: Practical
    Guidance And Considerations by Elise Bruner
    ++Searching For The Five-Year Cure: Eligibility Issues Following
    Completion Of The Employment Obligation In NIW Cases by Robert
    Aronson and Ana Pottratz Acosta
    ++Twelve Years After: Six Post - NYSDOT Physician NIWs: 2010
    Update by Nathan Waxman and Karen L. Dean
    ++Military Service As An Option For Foreign Health Care
    Professionals by Margaret D. Stock
    ++The Legacy Of Kutty: Does Kutty Change Who Is Responsible For
    Paying H-1B Attorney Fees? by Sarah Peterson Stensrud
    ++The Legislative Horizon For Physician Immigration by Greg
    ++A Simpler Future For FMGs - The MD Visa by Bruce A. Morrison
    For more info on The Physician Immigration Book and to order:
    By Fax:

    12. Headline: Maryland Passes Its Version Of The Dream Act
    13. Headline: Undocumented Immigrants Could Work Legally Under
    Utah's Immigration Bill
    14. Headline: State Officials Speak Out on Immigration Poll
    15. Headline: Danish immigration minister fired
    16. Headline: Lawmakers eye immigration bills
    17. Headline: Utah immigration plan could stir legal storm
    18. Headline: Washington Senate Votes Down Driver's License Ban
    for Undocumented Immigrants
    19. Headline: RT @azlocalsus Should More States Adopt Illegal
    Immigration Laws Like Arizona's? - SodaHead News
    20. Headline: RT @VivirLatino: Coming Out of the Shadows in
    Search of Justice 4 Immigrant Youth
    21. Headline: RT @Chicanisima: In America's Heartland, church
    leaders support immigrant rights
    22. Headline: RT @Demos_Org Right now in DC: "Women &
    Immigration: Improving Policy and Lives" in honor of
    International Women's Day -
    23. Headline: Don't be left out! Get listed! Sign up for ILW.COM
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    24. Headline: I-140 Book: An attorney's guide on I-140 EBIV
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    by , 03-08-2011 at 12:05 PM (Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy)
    This is the same state that brought us George Wallace, Selma, Bull Connor and the Letter from a Birmingham Jail so is this really a shocker?
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