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  1. Will Trump's Air Strikes Against Assad Lead to any Change in Policy Toward Admitting Syrian Refugees? Roger Algase

    Update, April 9, 2017 at12:54 pm:

    For more comment on Trump's hypocrisy in taking action to retaliate on behalf of Syrian children killed by Assad's barbaric nerve gas attack, while still refusing to let live Syrian refugee children into the United States, see:

    My original comment follows:

    Donald Trump has now launched air strikes against Assad's brutal Syrian regime over what Trump himself accurately called a "cruel" and "barbaric" "horror", namely a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of innocent civilians, including babies, earlier this week.

    For the first time, this would indicate that Trump is recognizing that Syrian civilians are in fact victims, not potential terrorists or threats to US security.

    Will this recognition that not all citizens of banned Muslim countries are a danger to the US, but that Syrians are also human beings, large numbers of whom are suffering under an intolerable, inhuman regime, just as the Jews suffered and died by the millions from poison gas under Hitler while America closed its doors and the rest of the world also stood by, lead to any change in Trump's attempts to ban Syrian refugees from coming to the United States?

    It will be remembered than only slightly over two months ago, in the first version of his Muslim entry ban, Trump singled out Syrian refugees for an indefinite ban, while banning refugees from the rest of the world only "temporarily".

    Then, in the second version of his ban, which was obviously revised in the hope than it would be more acceptable to the federal courts, but which one of the president's top aides, Stephen Miller, announced was intended to serve the same policy objectives, Syrian refugees were banned on an "equal" basis with all other refugees of the world.

    In view of Trump's evident recognition of the real dangers from Syria, including not only ISIS which Trump has repeatedly condemned, but the Syrian regime which has long been bombing hospitals and torturing and murdering countless numbers of its own civilians, and which has now engaged in the same kind of chemical attack against civilians for which Saddam Hussein was executed as a war criminal, is it not now time for Trump to renounce his policy of demonizing Syrian refugees, and to begin admitting them to America in accordance with America's own moral and legal obligations under international law?

    See, Freedom House:

    Syrian Refugees: A Primer on International Legal Obligations

    Otherwise, how will the president avoid the inevitable charges of hypocrisy over his refusal to admit Syrian refugees, even as he takes military action against the regime which bears a major share of the responsibility for creating the refugee crisis in the first place?
    Roger Algase is a New York limmigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School who has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants receive work visas and green cards for more than 35 years.

    Roger's practice is concentrated primarily in H-1B specialty occupation and O-1 extraordinary ability work visas, J-1 training visas, and green cards through labor certification (PERM) and opposite sex or same sex marriage.

    His email address is

    Updated 04-09-2017 at 11:54 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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