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  1. Were Putin's State Terror Arrests of Dissidents' Children the Model for Trump's Family Separation Blueprint for a Fascist America? Roger Algase

    The following comment has been revised and updated as of 9:55 am on July 23.

    When dictators prepare to seize absolute power, they first carry out their worst repression and persecution against targeted minority groups who have always been unpopular with the public in their country, or who have become unpopular through being demonized and dehumanized by the regime and its supporters.

    This is how Adolf Hitler used a virulent 19th century form of anti-Semitism, made popular by the opera composer Richard Wagner among many others, to take power in Germany in the 20th Century.

    It is how Stalin and Mao consolidated absolute power in Russia and China by using public resentment and hatred of "capitalists", landowners and other "enemies of the people" as targets and scapegoats.

    It is not a coincidence that Donald Trump is using the same phrase about a free an independent press, or anyone else who opposes him. Nor is it a coincidence that Trump is carrying his worst abuses against his favorite scapegoats - Latino, Muslim, African and other brown immigrants.

    They are his "Jews", his "capitalists" and his landowners. Their persecutions and sufferings are the the stepping stones to his drive for absolute power - his blueprint for a fascist America. The following will show that When Trump met with Vladimir Putin, resulting in widespread condemnation and outrage even among some of Trump's strongest supporters, the issue was not simply whether America's president was being "strong" enough toward the Russian tyrant.

    The far more important issue was that, certainly with regard to carrying out atrocities against targeted opponents by engaging in egregious abuses, arguably amounting to torture, against their children, the connection between Putin and Trump was a meeting of the minds - a study in attempts to seize absolute power by selecting or singling out certain groups of people for persecution.

    Trump's inhuman child separation policy, which was adopted for the express purpose of terrorizing Central American immigrants out of attempting to apply for asylum at the US border, may have been rescinded, but the effects are not over.

    They are certainly not over for the hundreds, or possibly more than a thousand (depending on which report one reads) children who have not yet been reunited with their parents, some of whom may never see their parents again.

    Nor are the effects of this brutal and sadistic policy over for the dozens, or hundreds of children who will be scarred for life. Yuka Verdoner, a psychotherapist and Holocaust survivor who was separated from her parents as a child in order to escape the Nazis, writes about the lasting, lifelong damage that her bother and sister suffered from their childhood separation in the June 18 issue of The Guardian:

    "My brother's second foster family cared deeply about him and has kept in touch with him all these years. Even so, he is almost 80 years old and is still trying to understand what made him the anxious and dysfunctional person he turned into as a child and has remained for the rest of his life."

    She also writes:

    "My younger sister was separated from our parents at five. She had no understanding of what was going on and why she suddenly had to live with a strange set of adults. She suffered thereafter from lifelong, profound depression."

    She also writes, in the same article

    "My grief and anger about today's southern border came not just from my personal life. As a retired psychotherapist who has worked extensively with victims of childhood trauma, I know all too well what awaits many thousands of children, taken by our government at the border...We can expect thousands of lives to be damaged, for many years or for ever, by 'zero tolerance'. We can expect old men and women, decades from now, still suffering, still remembering, still writing in the present tense."

    And she lives no doubt about her conclusion:

    "What is happening in our own back yard today is as evil and criminal as what happened to me and my siblings as children in Nazi Europe."

    And a June 19 comment on the site describes the traumatic effect of Trump's vicious and barbaric policy, which he abandoned only after enormous outrage and pressure from all segments of the American public across the political spectrum, including his own First Lady, as follows:

    "The consequences of Trump's xenophobia are agonizingly clear n reports of migrant children screaming out for their parents, babies crying incessantly, infants housed with teenagers who don't know how to change diapers and shattered and traumatized families."


    Trump's act of state terrorism against children

    The same comment adds:

    "It's no wonder that the American Academy of Pediatrics referred to the Trump administration's policy of separating children from their families as one of 'sweeping cruelty.'"

    To be sure, Trump is not the first leader to engage in this form of horrific inhumanity toward innocent children in order to accomplish a political objective. This is a hallmark practice of fascist and other authoritarian rulers, including a certain Russian chief executive who is not unknown to Trump, and who includes arresting the children of people who oppose him in his bag of tricks to consolidate his power.

    His name is Vladimir Putin, as Masha Gessen explains in the New Yorker magazine May 8 issue:


    Taking Children From Their Parents is a Form of State Terror:

    Further details are contained in the above reports.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 07-23-2018 at 08:55 AM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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