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  1. Study Shows Many Trump Supporters Are Willing to Abandon Democracy in Favor of Strongman in Order to End Non-White Immigration. Roger Algase

    Even though Donald Trump was finally forced by public outrage to end cruelty and inhumanity of his family separation policy, which was more typical of dictatorships such as Putin's Russia, where the children of dissidents are arrested to silence the regime's opponents:

    than of a democracy, there was no letup in his basic authoritarian approach to immigration.

    According to the Washington Post, even as he issued the executive order which ended this horrendous violation of basic human rights and, according to Amnesty International, both US and international laws against torture:

    Trump wanted the executive order to include a broad rewrite of America's entire system of immigration laws, which he has criticized as being the "dumbest in the world" because of their openness to legal immigration by immigrants with brown skins who are not from "Countries like Norway."

    However, according to The Post's report, Trump was advised by his lawyers that he had no power to rewrite America's immigration laws entirely by himself.

    But this setback did not put an end to his authoritarian tweets and statements about immigration, as CNN's Stephen Collinson reports on June 25.

    Nor did Trump's ending what the above New Yorker magazine article calls the use of "state terror" against children and their families stop Trump's USCIS from making authoritarian drastic changes in America's legal immigration without Congressional approval as required by the Constitution - notably by distorting the "public charge" rules in an attempt to eliminate most family and diversity-based legal immigration; and though egregious abuse of the power to issue NTA's, turning this agency, in effect, into a branch of Trump's ICE "Deportation Task Force" - as comments by myself and others on this site have discussed in more detail.

    Ominously, NBC News reports that , according to a new study, Trump's authoritarian approach to immigration resonates with many of his white supporters, who are willing to give up democracy entirely in favor of rule by dictatorship in order to stop or reduce non-white immigration. For more details and a link to the full study, see:

    The Trump effect: New study connects white American intolerance and support for authoritarianism

    See also:

    NBC News summarizes the report, by political scientists Steven V. Miller of Clemson University (no connection, one assumes, to Trump's top White House immigration adviser Stephen Miller, who is widely regarded as one of the chief architects of Trump's regime of repression and persecution directed against non-white immigrants) and Nicholas T. Davis of Texas A&M, as follows:

    "Their study finds a correlation between white Americans' intolerance, and support for authoritarian rule. In other words, when intolerant white people fear democracy may benefit marginalized people, they abandon their commitment to democracy...

    For instance, people who said they did not want to live next door to immigrants or people of another race were more supportive of the idea of military rule, or of a strongman-type leader who could ignore legislatures and election results."

    No one can say that Donald Trump is unaware of or unresponsive to the anti-immigrant sentiments of his white supremacist base voters, or that he is unwilling to assume authoritarian power in order to accomplish their goals - just as another politician responded to the racial prejudices of his supporters against the Jews by taking over absolute power in Germany in 1933.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law

    Updated 07-26-2018 at 01:59 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs

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