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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Alabama Immigrant Blacklist Being Challenged

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Alabama's new immigration law has a provision a lot of people may not have heard about, but which is pretty appalling. From the National Immigration Law Center:

A coalition of civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit
today to stop a portion of Alabama's anti-immigrant law requiring state
officials to post an online list of immigrants who may be undocumented,
without providing them with any way to contest their inclusion in the


The latest attack on immigrants in Alabama is part of HB 658, a package
of revisions to the state's notorious anti-immigrant law, HB 56. HB 658
effectively doubled-down on the draconian nature of the original law
enacted in 2011. Section 5 of HB 658 requires the state to compile and
post on a public website the names and other information clearly
identifying certain immigrants unable to prove their legal status when
they are detained on any state charge, no matter how minor, and appear
in state court. The plaintiffs in this case would fall within this
requirement and be unconstitutionally added to this "blacklist."


This law requires the posting of private
information that the federal government has declared confidential and
not subject to public disclosure. Once a person is on the list, the law
provides no means to remove their name or change their information if
the listing is inaccurate or the person obtains permission to live in
the United States -- even if the person becomes a citizen.

part of Alabama's anti-immigrant law represents an unfortunate effort
to bully and intimidate immigrants into leaving Alabama," said Kristi
Graunke, staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center. "It is
designed to permanently brand, humiliate and otherwise make life
difficult for immigrants regardless of status. It conflicts with federal
privacy requirements and burdens the already cash-strapped state court
system. Sadly, laws like this show that Alabama has yet to turn away
from the devastation its anti-immigrant laws have caused."

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  1. Rocky_W's Avatar
    I am a legal immigrant and live in AL... just ashamed of this. I am ashamed of even telling people I am from AL both here and abroad. Time to leave...
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Nothing new here...racist Alabama which wants to return to the Jim Crowe days combined with some old fashioned police state communism.
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