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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Cantor Now Favors DREAM Act

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He's moving left, but has not exactly embraced comprehensive immigration reform. From NBC:

Eric Cantor seems to have moved more to the middle on immigration,
according to prepared remarks the House majority leader will deliver
Tuesday at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington conservative
think tank.

Cantor has always been in favor of giving visas to
highly skilled immigrants educated in America, but today he takes it a
step further, calling for legal residence and citizenship for children
brought here illegally by their parents and a guest-worker program.

Cantor also says to stop making immigration a wedge issue. 

we are a nation that allows anyone to start anew, we are also a nation
of laws, and that's what makes tackling the issue of immigration reform
so difficult," Cantor will say, according to prepared remarks. "In
looking to solve this problem soon, we must balance respect for the rule
of law and respect for those waiting to enter this country legally,
with care for the people and families, most of whom just want to make a
better life, and contribute to America.

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  1. S's Avatar
    If Congress decides to grant immediate green cards to so called dreamers , Congress should prevent dreamers from sponsoring the family members that brought them here illegally to begin with. Any legalization should make sure that illegal immigrants are sent to back of the line and they follow the same rules as everyone else like labor market test, country quotas , criminal background checks etc.
  2. voteCIR's Avatar
    They should just start with insta-green cards for everyone waiting in line. I don't think USCIS has capability to process 11-20 million people. They will just mess up everything.

    Anyhow all this talk of immigration remains to be seen if it will turn into action.
  3. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    My crystal ball says S will join NumbersUSA in some not so remote future...
  4. S's Avatar
    My crystal ball says S will join NumbersUSA in some not so remote future...
    What is wrong with asking for a legislation that makes "undocumented" to go to back of the line?.

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