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Matthew Kolken on Deportation And Removal

Ivanka Trump Vehemently Against Family Separation

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If only Michelle Obama had the strength of character to speak out against her husband's policies of jailing refugee children in deportation internment camps.

"That was a low point for me as well. I feel very strongly about that. I am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children…immigration is incredibly complex as a topic." ~Ivanka Trump

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  1. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    Sure looks like the "Trump-haters" are piling in on our poor, much maligned Leader- in Chief over his inhuman and barbaric child separation. First Melania, and now, Et Tu? Ivanka.

    Oy veh!

    Yes, Obama locked up immigrant children too. Coolidge signed the racist 1924 "Nordics-only" Immigration Act which Adolf Hitler had such kind words for in Mein Kampf and Trump's own AG, Jeff Sessions, praised nine decades later as a Senator writing in a January 2015 immigration "Handbook".

    Franklin Roosevelt wouldn't let (very many) Jewish refugees from the Nazis into America, even though his wife, Eleanor, actually did complain about that, to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

    Not a very high point in Franklin Roosevelt's legacy either.

    No, no one ever said that Trump was the only bad apple in charge of immigration.

    But he is the one who is running the show now. Calvin Coolidge is not. Franklin Roosevelt is not. Neither is Barack Obama.

    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 08-02-2018 at 02:12 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
  2. MKolken's Avatar
    And if Hillary had won would you be calling her a Nazi almost daily if she continued Obama's policies like Trump has, policies she previously endorsed as a candidate, and as a member of his administration?
  3. ImmigrationLawBlogs's Avatar
    With the highest respect to Matt as a distinguished authority on immigration law and a highly regarded advocate for immigrant rights, Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States (though she probably would be if we had a really democratic electoral system in which the person who gets the most votes actually wins, and if the Russians hadn't installed Trump - but that is beyond the scope of this discussion).

    My point is that Trump is the president. Immigration is his responsibility and his responsibility alone. What someone else did or might have done in his place is not the issue.

    And I have never called Trump a Nazi, a Nazi supporter, or an antisemite. I have always made clear that he is none of the above, though he has used some of the Nazis similar tactics and slogans - see below.

    I have often warned, however, that Trump is a threat to America's democracy in a way that no previous president has been in modern times (or perhaps at any time in our history - has any US other president referred to a free press as the "enemy of the people"? Not that I have ever heard - but Stalin and Mao Zedong both have, and Hitler called the media luegenpresse, which translates into English as "fake news").


    Roger Algase
    Attorney at Law
    Updated 08-02-2018 at 06:29 PM by ImmigrationLawBlogs
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