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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

African Americans Strongly Support Immigration Reform

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According to an NAACP election eve battleground state poll,
93% of African Americans support the DREAM Act (71% strongly, 21% somewhat) and
80% support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

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  1. George Chell 's Avatar
    Glad to see that. But, the African American I know are more bitterly opposed to immigration than many white people. Many will not even consider dating or marrying an African or a West Indian black although they complain about shortage of eligible black men. If the African American women had married black men from Africa or Caribbean in large numbers and brought them and their families to this country, racist and xenophobe Nathan Deal would not be the governor of Georgia and neither would there be a governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi and we will not be having racist pro-confederate white students at the University of Mississippi become violent after the election of Barrack Obama.
  2. blackdude 's Avatar
    this is bs. there is no way most black support immigration reform at least not in the form of amnesty. i think most black american agree with conservative on this one. blacks bear the brunt of immigration in that most illegal immigration compete with blacks for jobs. whites and blacks dont disagree on this issue and in fact it one issue that is bringing them together. there is no minority coalition. its something politics make up. somehow they have split similar groups of people mainly white and blacks and group people of different cultures hispanics, asians and blacks as one group. the only way american will accept amnesty or immiigration reform is if birthright citizenship is ended, if not we are going to be facing the same problem 20 years later just with a bigger self identified hispanic population. demographically its a bad for blacks and whites. i mean look at how blacks are not hired in LA and miami for not being bilingual. its not fair but it happens. i understand in latin america but in the usa. i mean english speaking blacks are discriminated vigorously in latin america but immigrants hispanics, carribeans, asians, european, and africans come here and expect everything from us. why do we need 1 million immigrants a year again. I mean americans are not good enough for america. i mean i keep hearing america is the land of immigrants but last time i am american born and raised, as is my momma and daddy. my ancestors may have been slaves from africa but i am not. i am an american black man. black congress is committing treason by supporting amnesty. pathway to citizenship only if american citizenship is granted by blood.
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