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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Anti-Immigration Candidates Fare Poorly

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Last week I reported that NumbersUSA has listed 20 races for
anti-immigrant activists to watch. Of those races, 13 of their endorsed
candidates went down to defeat. Here's the run down:


Nevada - Heller (R) v. Berkely (D) - Heller has an
NumbersUSA A+ rating and won.

Florida - Mack (R) v. Nelson (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed Mack
and gave him an A- rating versus Nelson who got a D-. Nelson won.

Missouri - Akin (R) v. McCaskill (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed
Akin and gave him an A- rating. He lost.

Virginia - Allen (R) v. Kaine (D) - NumbersUSA gave Allen a
B rating and endorsed his candidacy. He lost.

Texas - Cruz (R) v. Sadler (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed Cruz
and gave him a "True Reformer" rating. Cruz won.



Arizona - 1 - Paton (R) v. Kirkpatrick (D) - Numbers USA
endorsed Paton who was notoriously active on immigration issues in the Arizona
legislature. Kirkpatrick won.

California- 52 - Bilbray R) v. Peters (D) - NumbersUSA
endorsed Bilbray who has an A+ rating from the group. He lost dealing a major
blow to anti-immigrants.

California - 7 -Lundgren (R) v. Bera (D)  - Lundren was given an A rating by Numbers
USA and was defeated.

California - 26 - Strickland (R) v. Brownley (D) -
Strickland was endorsed with an A rating and lost.

Colorado - 6 - Coffman (R) v. Miklosi (D) - NumbersUSA
endorsed Coffman with an A+ rating and he won.

Florida - 18 - West (R) v. Murphy (D) - This was one of the
most closely watched races in the country. Allen was given an A rating by
NumbersUSA and lost.

Illinois - 11 - Biggert (R) v. Foster (D) - This race was a
new district with two sitting members of Congress competing. Foster had a D+
rating while NumbersUSA gave Biggert a B and endorsed her. She lost.

Iowa - 4 - King (R) v. Vilsack D) - Steve King is probably
the most anti-immigrant member of Congress so easily won NumbersUSA's
endorsement. He won.

Iowa -  3 - Latham (R)
v.  Boswell (D) - A combined district led
two incumbents to oppose each other for this new seat. Boswell had a weaker
NumbersUSA rating than Latham who has an A rating. Latham won.

Maryland - 6 - Bartlett (R) v. Delaney (D)  - Bartlett has an A+ rating from NumbersUSA.
The incumbent was defeated.

Nevada - 3 - Heck (R) v. Oceguera (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed
Heck and he won.

New Hampshire - 1 - Guinta (R) v. Shea-Porter (D) - Guinta,
the incumbent, was endorsed and lost.

New Hampshire - 2 - Bass (R) v. Kuster (D) - Bass, the incumbent,
was endorsed and lost.

Ohio - 16 - Renacci (R) v. Sutton (D) - Renacci was endorsed
by NumbersUSA and won.

Pennsylvania - 12  -
Rothfus (R) v. Critz (D) - Rothfus had the NumbersUSA endorsement and beat the
incumbent Democrat Critz.

In another race, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was reelected in
Maricopa County.

Generally speaking, a good night for pro-immigration
activists, especially at the presidential level.


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  1. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Every single candidate they endorsed was a Repulican. Tells you quite a bit.
  2. George Chell 's Avatar
    "Florida - Mack (R) v. Nelson (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed Mack and gave him an A- rating versus Nelson who got a D-. Nelson won.

    Missouri - Akin (R) v. McCaskill (D) - NumbersUSA endorsed Akin and gave him an A- rating. He lost."

    You left out Richard Murdock who also was endorsed by Numbers USA. Yes, these are the folks who will force an undocumented woman raped by a US citizen to carry the baby to term and then deny the baby US citizenship if the father cannot be located....and look at squirming bigots Camrotta, Beck and Barletta make excuses....
  3. Dave Francis's Avatar

    God help America. Obama's won a second term, so we can expect Sky high gas prices as he plays into the Environmentalists zealots hands. Even more rules and regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to inhibit the drilling of petroleum, natural gas and the inevitable extinction of the coal industry. A massive illegal alien invasion under President Obama's watch to give the 20 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship, in this once sovereign nation. Instead of small business created the demoralization as the companies leaving the U.S.A for less taxed countries. Huge influx of more illegal aliens are pouring into the country, for Obama's entitlement programs (BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP) bringing their babies in even huge waves and an astronomical burden on taxpayers. Unions becoming even more powerful, buying favors from the already corrupt political parties. More draining of the U.S. treasury to pay for so called friends in incompetent foreign countries, and the dismissal of a once powerful military defense, conceding to huge cuts in budgets to pay for the spongers, scroungers and freeloaders amongst the population who have no intentions of finding a job.

    An even deeper recession with this administration printing more money, adding to a growing inflation, more expensive food and even more crushing threats of the Justice Department against states as Arizona, Georgia, and a few others in the 50 states by bloated agencies. America is going to founder if we keep encouraging the awful poverty from other countries? What does either political party think when they can justify a two Trillion deficit (THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION), if This President can push through another fraudulent amnesty like the one Reagan forced upon this nation in 1986? YES! To the higher echelon of scientists, engineer, mathematicians', because they will not be the virus that lives of the working public, but we can ill afford to cater to the desperate and impoverished who come here as criminals, with their hand out.

    Marxists such as the notorious Eric Holder, ultra Liberal as Janet Napolitano, Communist Czars and his rash of simpletons in his federal agency who sued states trying to protect their taxpayers from spending their hard earned money on supporting illegal aliens. A clamp down on free speech, liberties and freedoms by Obama's liberal's goons throughout the states. More control by the United Nations as Obama administration is subservient to them, to provide a global tax of all the industrialized nations. The United States is becoming a more secular country under this government, which is prosecuting the rights of the church and religion because of the harsh Socialist agenda. This country is becoming more Balkanized by 137 foreign languages instead of the one foundation of everybody speaking English. Our educational system is in dire trouble, with a failing beyond what we can imagine and covered up? Places with large populations with illegal alien children are flooding our schools and distracting our teachers from producing our performance of legitimate Americans and legal immigrants. The loss to our great country is returning our school structure to our states and not compromised by a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington. Instead I suspect a monolithic rise in government agencies that is a danger to our fundamental liberties.

    Political correctness forced on a nation so that terminology such as terrorist is banned or words attributed to the murderers spawning seed in the Middle East. The right to bear arms will be something this administration tries to erase in the next four years. However, one bright light at the end of the tunnel, whichever way you see it? The Republicans with the growing spread of the TEA PARTY in the House of Representatives means another four years of deadlock, where no major policies can be passed. No bills of any importance will also be accomplished in the Senate, with a senile old man called Harry Reid of Nevada. Nothing and I mean nothing will find passage under majority leader Reid, because both parties hate each other. I am extremely grateful that the House of Representatives holds reign of the purse strings, so funds can be withheld from the Tax and spend Democrats.
    This new America has been built on the backs of takers, that is, those who take the entitlements but, do not produce. The Takers won last night. Obama cunningly promised more entitlements to an entitlement driven society, and, like a moth to the light they embraced his offer and sold their votes (souls) for more stuff. As the takers sold their votes they empowered the government, so now Washington can control of their lives as long as the gravy train keeps rolling. With gridlock in Congress, little or nothing will be done. Obama's minions used the racial separation, the illegal migrant and immigrant major issue and has shown through his first four years of an administration full of derision, anti-conservatism and a serious move towards a European type socialist Democracy. I worked 29 years in the Merchant Marine and earned my 4 pensions. I want to know "WHY" for the my hard work of grueling, arduous years at sea for my family, that my taxes are taken to pay for the living standards of "Freeloaders" and the largest majority of illegal aliens who are parasites at the public trough? NOTHINGS GOING TO CHANGE? ILLEGAL ALIENS WILL KEEP COMING DEMANDING CITIZEN RIGHT AND WE ARE THE FOOLS THAT WILL PANDER TO THEM.


    The Tea Party is now more significant than ever before with estimates of 41 million voters. We told the Republicans they should be more confrontational, more direct and display Obama's record for the world to see, but their egotism blinded them to the reality. The accomplishments of the Tea Party is the only shining light in the conservative movement and the GOP took complete advantage of our work as well as the sweat of our backs, and yet, the blind Pharisees refused our wise counsel. This leaves us with little choice but to take it, get tougher and protect our American heritage with all we've got. Mr. Mitt Romney worked hard, but played it safe, stayed in the safe waters and refused to expose 'America's Fraud President' and what was the result? Mr. Romney lost, and the Republican Party failed America. However, the greater issue is far beyond Obama or Romney. This Presidential race clearly shows America is a DIVIDED NATION looking for a tough no-nonsense management with real conservative values. The Tea Party is the last remaining stronghold of TRUE Conservative values in America, we must not stop!

    o The Liberal stream media has been co-conspirators from the commencement and thus the general public knew little of 'America's Fraud President' and the hateful measures perpetrated by the Obama Regime. This is why the Tea Party must bring national awareness to the dangers of the lame stream press and educate the public on the impact of their recent actions of the 'takers' as they sold their votes. The Tea Party must march forward with a 2 prong approach. We must bypass the lame stream media with truthful and accurate information.

    o We must tell the Republican Party they have proven themselves ineffective and therefore must get out of our way.


    Now is the time that we must surge. We shall not go quietly into the night, but we are ready to take our stand here, we will not back down, ever.
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