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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Obama Gets 75% of Latino Vote

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A huge surge and the largest margin in history. Pollsters will need to examine why they were so off (not talking to you, Latino Decisions) and just how many votes the President got in swing states because of this. I'll also go out on a limb and say the increase in Latino votes will account for the President winning the popular vote this evening.

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  1. Nurse Waiting's Avatar

    Why did this win not translate in any change in make up of house of representatives?
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    Reality will start to sink for the GOP, a peace from

    For Republicans, Obama's re-election poses uncomfortable questions.

    For the second election in a row, the Republican presidential candidate has been unable to win more than 1 in 3 Hispanic voters, and the party could have an increasingly difficult time competing in national elections if it fails to make inroads among that rapidly growing slice of the electorate.

    The party's gravity center now rests in the House of Representatives, where many lawmakers represent solidly conservative districts. They face little incentive to compromise on issues like immigration reform that could anger their base of older, white voters.
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    Nurse Waiting is called re-districting, it allows congressional districts to stay solid blue or solid red without many folks in the middle. That is guy congress has the lowest approval rating and highest re-election rating....
  4. beppenyc's Avatar
    I was never optimistic but this time the Latino voters was the key for the obama election
    Colorda, Virginia, Florida and Nevada went to Obama only for the Latino vote, Nate Silver agree as well.
    Yesterday Huff Post has the headline !Viva Obama! not for nothing. Obama was really clear that he will work on Immigraiton reform because he owned , but more clear was Coryn becasue he agree as well.
    The Tea parties candidate lost every where, Buchmann was close to loose her seat and King as well.
    I feel optimistic, never happen in the past
  5. Another Voice's Avatar
    Sam Stein (@samsteinhp)

    11/7/12, 12:24 PM
    Reid puts immigration reform "very high on the priority list"
  6. Another Voice's Avatar
    IMMIGRATION REFORM: "As David Gergen remarked on CNN on Election Day: 'The Democrats want it and the Republicans now need it.'"
  7. Player's Avatar
    No change in house of representative because Hispanics are localized....i.e. they live mostly in big cities/urban and suburban areas. The rural districts that the reps come from are still very white.

    A president gets all the votes for that state (in 48 out of 50 states) if it wins the popular vote in that state. It does not matter where Hispanics live.
  8. George Chell 's Avatar
    "They face little incentive to compromise on issues like immigration reform that could anger their base of older, white voters."

    No...."that could anger their base of older and RACIST white voters ESPECIALLY DOWN SOUTH."

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