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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

President's Lead With Hispanic Voters Growing

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Latino Decisions is tracking Hispanic voters with a weekly poll regarding the 2012 election. Lots of good news for the President and the Democrats.

1. The President's lead has grown from 67% to 23% last week to 71% to 20% this week, a net improvement of 7 points.

2. Latinos will vote for Democrats in the House of Representatives over Republicans by a margin of 68% to 20%,.

3. 40% of Latinos report they are more enthusiastic in 2012 than 2008 to vote for President Obama compared to 32% who were more enthusiastic in 2008. Overall, 83% say they are enthusiasic to vote this year.

4. President Obama enjoys a favorability rating of 77% and Governor Romney is approved by 25% of Hispanic voters. Democrats in Congress are viewed favorably by 60% compared to 24% for Republicans.

5. When asked who was to blame for the President not keeping his promise to pass immigration reform in his first year in office, 25% blamed the President and 64% blamed the Republican Congress.

6. 57% feel the Democrats are doing a good job reaching out to Hispanics copared to 31% who think they don't care or are hostile. 17% feel Republicans are doing a good job reaching out to Hispanics compared to 71% who think the GOP doesn't care or is hostile.

7. 52% of Latino self-identify as Democrats, 28% as Independents and 14% as Republicans.

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  1. beppenyc's Avatar
    will see if this will be enough to keep Obama in the white house.
    I think that latino could be the swing vote in Colorado, Nevada and VIRGINIA. (Nate Sullivan think the same). If he carry Virginia, Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire O will win even without Ohio, North Calorina and Florida!
    If this happen, Obama will have to say a lot of Thank you to Latino votes....
    Bottom line, i am reading all the pools and check Nate`s web site as a maniac, nobody hightlight that this scenario is pretty bad for any incumbent and still Obama has a great shot to make it happen.
  2. George Chell 's Avatar
    It becomes a big deal if Obama wins Wisconsin and Ohio and it comes down to Nevada where Latino mormons may make the difference in an Obama vicotry. Actually some GOP operatives think that Romney has already lost Nevada!
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    But they need to go to the polls, this data is great but it needs to translate into political influence. I am puzzled by some of this data, on the one hand the polls are tight on the other Obama enjoys great advantages with Hispanics, women, gays, veterans, African Americans, Jewish voters. It will be interesting to see the real effect of the conflicting info after the election.
  4. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    AV, Obama's real advantage lies with city voters as opposed to rural and town voters. That's where you will see real numbers (as in "more votes"). The next one is race/ethnicity, and then age.
  5. George Chell 's Avatar
    These are the kinds of folks who will force an illegal alien raped by an American citizen to carry the baby to term, but will want to deny such babies US citizenship....
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