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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Obama Crushing Romney With Hispanic Voters

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Devastating news for Romney:

President Barack Obama has his largest lead in the NBC News/Wall Street
Journal/Telemundo oversample of Hispanic voters: 50 points.

leads Republican challenger Mitt Romney among Latino registered voters,
70 percent to 20 percent, and with an equal margin among likely Latino
voters, 71 percent to 21 percent. That is an increase of 15 points from
August, and outpaces Obama's 2008 split (67 percent to 31 percent) over
John McCain.

Despite all the campaiging to undo the impressions made during the primary, Romney is actualy still losing Latino votes. The GOP was warned that their anti-immigration positions would cost them the White House, but they have been convinced that the issue is a winning one for them. Hopefully, the truth is now dawning on them.

Update: Markos thinks Obama could get 80%.

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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    Mitt Romney Camp Says He Will Not Continue Deferred Action After Taking Office

    Read more:
  2. beppenyc's Avatar
    I begin to wonder if maybe we got all wrong and maybe Romney will deliver something. Bottom line, Obama had a majority in congress and he was not able to deliver anything, not even a proposal untill this summer.
    Bottom line, i see since last night that Romney at the end , maybe, could have the leverage to make something.
    Maybe i am wrong, but i feel a little bit pessimistic on Obama after last night
  3. Tobias's Avatar
    Presidential Debate = REALITY SHOW

    Both candidates represent the same interests and are financed by the same people (international bankers and multinationals), thus nothing new to report and perhaps most important: NOTHING will change regardless who gets elected.

  4. Another Voice's Avatar
    Debunking the Myth: Obama's Two-Year Supermajority
  5. Another Voice's Avatar
    Most elections projections point out an Obama victory but the repuks will keep the house. That means no immigration anything and Lamar Smith remains at the helm....
  6. Jack's Avatar
    Related article:

    The second possibility, championed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush among many others, is that Republicans should redouble their efforts to appeal to Latino voters.

    This strategy is often associated with the view that Republicans should embrace comprehensive immigration reform legislation that would create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, a majority of whom are of Latin American origin.

    It is not obvious, however, that this strategy would yield significant political dividends, and it would alienate voters who believe that creating a path to citizenship would undermine the credibility of future immigration enforcement efforts.

    A deeper look suggests that when you compare Latinos with non-Hispanic white voters of the same income level, the edge that Democrats have among Latinos shrinks. One possibility is that Republicans will improve their vote share among Latinos as Latino households experience greater wage and income growth.

    The problem, of course, is that recent years have seen extremely modest wage and household income gains. And so Republicans arguably have a strong political interest in policies that will raise wages and incomes.

    There are, of course, other factors. Residential integration, immigrant assimilation and intermarriage could all affect the political landscape in unpredictable ways. But if current trends hold, Republicans have a much greater need to expand their coalition than Democrats.
  7. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    "A deeper look suggests that when you compare Latinos with non-Hispanic white voters of the same income level, the edge that Democrats have among Latinos shrinks. One possibility is that Republicans will improve their vote share among Latinos as Latino households experience greater wage and income growth."

    Really? Whoever wrote should never do analysis again. Not only Republican voters have less median income then Democratic voters, it is particularly pronounced among whites. Poor whites with an exception for students are the main GOP voters.
  8. George Chell 's Avatar
    I have a feeling that really the Dems dont want reforms, because they fear that once the Hispanics get reforms 50% will go back to voting for the they think it is better to string them along. Meanwhile the GOP helps them along by being bigoted in places such as Alabama, Georgia and Arizona and wooing the Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites with their bigotry. All the Dems need is another 300,000 voting Hispanics in Florida to win the elections. They need to get 300,000 Puerto Ricans to move to Florida in large numbers and they have Florida for good in the Presidential elections (with the exception of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio..if that happens take it from me that no white Republican will win Florida without a minority spouse)....those 29 votes are the difference in the Presidential elections.

    Why do I say this? It seems to have worked here in the nation's capital. Between 2004 and 2010, there have been additional 90,000 black voters in Virginia and it has grown by another 12,000 last year. How? For a long time they gave incentives for blacks to move to no avail. Then the then-Mayor Washington began the process of gentrifying forcing black people to move to Virginia and it accelerated under Mayor Fenty and the rest we know is history (of course Katrina helped as well)...Virginia is no longer a Red state...the election is within a few points depending on the poll, and many political experts feel that Obama will sneak in with a few thousand votes on election day thanks mostly due to the new blacks moving into northern virginia and Katrina's black refugees moving into Richmond.
  9. Charlie Beck's Avatar
    Hey, He can win! This is good stuff!.

    So, Romney finally won something, he fires big bird and Jim Lehrer, and tosses away all his previous core beliefs.

    Well at least now he can say the poll numbers are his way, and his campaign will continue to adamantly defend the poll numbers.

    But then the 7.8 percent unemployment rate came out and Romney and his campaign say its not "Sunrise in America". like 7.4 Percent Was 'Morning Again in America.

    I was real surprise to see Romney say he was completely wrong about his 47 percent remarks, and it only took him three times.

    I am waiting for Ann Romney to take back her "Latino biased against the GOP" and "You People" comments, but its too late for her and her husband.

    The venom I saw GOP dish out during the immigration debate against those from Latin America and the sweet names they came up with like anchor baby(one of the least offensive), and they are surprise we remember. Not to mention the Voter ID in GOP controlled states have passd to reduce Obama votes (Gosh right before a tight presidential race they change the rules, please, we know whats going on).

    Its funny seeing Romney trying to run down our country and say that 7.8 percent unemployment rate is not real or a good thing.

    I guess we will find out in November who people believe.

    This is good stuff!, I love it.
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