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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Gutierrez Offers Cautious Response to STEM News

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This is interesting because it makes clear that the Democrats have to be careful not to appear anti-immigration while the GOP is pushing a pro-immigration bill. Of course, the bill only swaps green card numbers from the lottery to the employment categories. Still, it's a lot tougher to defend giving green cards out to random people to highly educated STEM professionals who are more likely to create jobs for Americans.

(Washington, DC) -- Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL-4) issued the following statement reacting to the news that Republicans, including Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (TX), hope to have a vote next week on a bill increasing visas for STEM graduates, those who receive degrees in science, technology, engineering or math at U.S. universities. The Republican proposal, as Rep. Gutierrez understands it, would reduce or eliminate other legal immigration programs in order to increase STEM visas. Rep. Gutierrez is one of the Congress' most visible supporters of legal immigration and immigration reform and is the Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Task Force on Immigration. Gutierrez statement:
I would like to negotiate on increasing STEM visas, by as much as 50,000, as well as family visas and I have been talking to Republicans, including Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, to see if we can reach a deal. I hope we can.
I would like to improve the STEM visa program without doing damage to other parts of our legal immigration system. The President has made this a priority and I am prepared to support a clean STEM increase because it will help our economy and create jobs. Republicans are only willing to increase legal immigration for immigrants they want by eliminating legal immigration for immigrants they don't want.
STEM visas have a lot of merit and we should increase them. I am almost always willing to support legal immigration. Republicans almost always oppose immigration, even when it is legal, which has hurt them.

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  1. Dave Francis's Avatar
    Without the enactment of mandated E-Verify or an amendment to Birthright citizenship fiasco, the taxpayers will be weighed down with vast costs without end.
    President Obama should he win the election has promised that he would force passage of another Comprehensive Immigration policy. This would then substantiate that both parties would never fully enforce immigration laws, whether going against the U.S. constitution by presidential authority as we saw with passage of the Dream Act. Since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill signed into law, everything has been compromised by a failure to fully fund the policies. This has been proven by systematic failure to make illegal entry a felony, the fact the real double layer fence doesn't exist, that the instigators of Sanctuary city ordinances are not punished by ICE and that the Birth instant baby citizenship law hasn't been amended in the name of saving taxpayers over $100 billion dollars annually. THIS IS NOT ABOUT LAWFUL IMMIGRANTS; THIS IS ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS, THAT THE LIBERAL MAINSTREAM EDITORIAL PRESS REFUSES TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE TWO CLASSIFICATIONS.

    America has giant magnetism to people who are drawn here for public programs, that Obama czars have compromised welfare essentially drafted for citizens and lawful immigrants. These illegal entries that skirt our laws know more about our benefit laws than a good many U.S. citizens? This has especially drained the treasury of states run mainly by liberal-Marxist assemblies as California, Nevada, and New York with bloated populations of illegal aliens. Over past decades our nation has been under assault by the poverty of other countries, bringing their unborn babies here to take advantage of a passionate country that in this present climate can no longer afford to feed the world, or offer uncompensated health care. Even more significant is the onslaught of parents and children that lawfully enter our country through Chain Migration.

    These hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars should be spent on the legal population, not in harboring foreign nations that continually challenge our laws and succeed with Liberal interpretation of our laws in the courts. Neither Obama nor Romney will enforce immigration laws, but the thorough saturation of TEA PARTY legislators into the Republican Party will have great influence and empowerment to propel the Senate and House into fighting against the Socialistic conspiracy or the GOP elitists who want to keep things as they are?

    The only avenue left to provide financial relief against the Communist founded ACLU and other organizations is to implement these two laws. It will not matter if questioning of immigration status is enacted or not by police, if a mandated E-verify nationwide and an amendment to the Birthright citizen law is amended, then employers will be heavily prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens and smuggled fetuses within the mother to get a foothold on American monetary benefits, will become a thing of the past? This will be up to the voter and if not executing these laws, will be a massive tax burden on taxpayers forever.

    Here are a few of the issues that can be altered by the TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP:

    1. The TEA PARTY can force a vote on the 'Legal Workforce Act' (E-Verify) and enact it as mandatory in every business nationwide. Those who feel they are not accountable will be looking at hefty fines, loss of assets and even prison. All those who ignore the I-9 audits in not implementing the computer to detect illegal aliens in the workplace will be sanctioned?

    2. The TEA PARTY will force a vote on the 'Birthright Citizenship Act' concluding once and for all, that pregnant women can no longer gain citizenship through a misguided loophole for a child, just by slipping past Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) at the border or over staying a visa, leading ultimately to yet another 'Blanket Amnesty'. What about American teenagers, who have been pushed out of jobs that were the monopoly for our kids a couple of decades back?

    Both major political parties wants a true end to illegal immigration, but the millions of citizens and residents in the TEA PARTY will insure that citizens and lawful immigrants always get first priority--not pandering to foreign nationals. Incidentally--readers should go to and then judge for yourself, if Obama is Liberal friends in the press are concealing the truth?

    ATTN: The TEA PARTY will be safeguarding the nationwide election procedure, watching for non-citizens voting in November. As for Sheriff Joe, if the election for him is not derailed by "Voter Fraud" he will certainly win? Joe Arpaio must fight against such radical organizations La Raza, that are is being funded by the U.S government, with taxpayer's money.
  2. George Chell 's Avatar
    Dave Francis is full of rubbish! However, there is one chance of STEM passing next year...if Obama appoings Grassley as Ag Secretary and Durbin to any other cabinet post, removing both of them from the Senate!
  3. Jack's Avatar
    "Republicans are only willing to increase legal immigration for immigrants they want by eliminating legal immigration for immigrants they don't want."

    A demagogic attempt at drawing attention away from his obvious position which is "I am a racialist and unwilling to decrease categories composed predominantly of my favored ethnicity. Period. You could offer me a category with the highest social utility imaginable and I will not budge."
  4. Jkl's Avatar
    Hi all. Could anyone give a thought what happens to visa bulletin EB3 in case 50,000 visas are allocated to stem ? Would that be any relief to visa bulletin numbers for eb3?Thanks
  5. Amused's Avatar
    Wonderful! Give STEM 50K new GCs...and then spoil a great move by insisting on creating two new EB categories. So all those STEM folks waiting in backlog lines don't qualify...just give them to new applicants in EB6 and EB7! I guess this makes sense only in this Congress.
  6. Another Voice's Avatar
    It is smart for Gutierrez to negotiate, the Repuks can't pass things with out the dems and vice a good congregational negotiation ought to get the job done here. The anti Immigrant GOP should not get cover to claim the are not anti Immigrant just because the pass a bill like this....if the want to pass and immigration bill the will have to compromise somewhere but we all know that is not their strong suit.
  7. Another Voice's Avatar
    I guess the KKK a.k.a TEA PART radicals have decided to not only opposed taxes but also non-white people, same old folks just different name....
  8. Another Voice's Avatar
    Here is a classic from the TEA PARTY geniuses it will be a classic for many years to come:
  9. George Chell 's Avatar
  10. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    We do know how Romney is going to try to fix immigration. Papers, please!
  11. Another Voice's Avatar
    Mitt Romney's Immigration Pledge Again Without Details
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