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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Romney Avoids Talking About Immigration

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We saw lots of speakers who were Latino and heard others talk about their immigrant roots. We even heard the occasional lines in Spanish. But what we didn't hear was a discussion of immigration policy (except from Rick Santorum who used his spot to bash the President for not being tough enough and from the platform committee which passed planks written by Kris K(?) Kobach). Mitt Romney had nothing to say on the subject so if you thought he might start to retreat from his anti-immigration primary strategy, you would be mistaken.

The party likes to claim that Latinos will forgive their anti-immigration views because they'll vote their pocketbook. But every credible poll shows that Latinos rank immigration at or near the top of their concerns and they have abandoned the GOP en masse because of the party's immigration positions. Nothing changed this week and Romney's silence on immigration policy says quite a bit.

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  1. Tobias's Avatar
    Mitt Obomney or Barack Robama
    Obama = Romney

    - Both characters represent the same interests

    - They are financed and advised by the same banks (and corporations)

    - Nothing will change, instead everything is going to get worst

    - Perhaps it will be the turn for the so-called Republican candidate to become the captain of this sinking boat since the current president has already proven to be a genuine fraud...too bad for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, since every failed policy executed by the Romney administration will be blamed on the Mormons and not on the republicans

    - It is a scientific fact that Americans are a bunch of lazy people easy to manipulate and subdue. These slobs are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves. People in this country fail to understand that monetary policies are dictated by the Federal Reserve in partnership with international bankers, thus economic crisis are intentionally designed and implemented

    - The countdown for the collapse of the global financial system has already started, being the euro the first currency to disappear followed by the US dollar

    - The ongoing economic upheaval will elicit a massive social unrest like never seen before; in fact, the LA riots of 1992 will be a picnic park in comparison to what's coming pretty soon (this is a depression and not a recession: more than 25 million people unemployed in this country and their benefits are due to expire in the following months)...better be ready for Martial Law

    - And the last nail in the coffin: as soon as Israel attacks Syria, Lebanon or Iran (waiting to happen at any given time now) WW3 will be officially inaugurated, implying that thermonuclear war is just around the corner

    Do you think unlawful present immigrants in the United States will care about getting a green card knowing that this country is effectively going down the drain? Most of them (especially Mexicans) are already leaving the US; paradoxically many Americans are doing the same, specifically retirees and college graduates...all of them heading south.
  2. Tobias's Avatar
    Meet the next President of the United States:

    Mitt Obomney (or Barack Robama)

  3. George Chell 's Avatar
    He did not even talk about skilled immigration...the best and the brightest...why? those best and the brightest are Asians...wrong color for the folks at the GOP convention who are already sick and tired of white guys being race traitors and marrying Asian women. So why is anyone surprised that they did not talk about "amnesty"?

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