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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Ryan Hard to Pin Down on Immigration

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The Hill has the first extensive report on Ryan's record on immigration. He had a moderate pro-immigration record until a few years ago but has been drifting to the right as the GOP takeover by the extreme right has progressed. He supported President Bush's immigration reform proposals. But lately he's opposed the DREAM Act even though the provisions of that bill were included in the Bush immigration reform plan. He's also now railing against the same "amnesty" he previously supported.

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  1. Jack's Avatar
    "He's picked a white guy from the Midwest and given up on the Hispanic vote in the Southwest," Sharry said by phone Wednesday. "It further cements the image of Republicans as a bunch of white guys who don't care much about brown people."

    Oh dear, he picked a "white guy"! Uh, so did Obama, Kerry, Gore, Clinton...but, hey, Mondale picked a "white chick". Still white, Frank, but at least not a "guy". Martinez would have provided Frank a "brown chick" but she was not on the short list so presumably Franky wanted Rubio. The funny thing is, Rubio is white too so maybe even that would not satisfy Sharry's skin test. At least Frank said "doesn't care much" instead of "hate" like he's done in the past. I guess that is progress for a shameless demagogue but expect a relapse soon--the election is nearing.

    "Obama this year launched a temporary program to forgo deportations for qualified high-achievers brought to the U.S. before the age of 16"

    There is no requirement that the person be "brought to" the U.S. but that is a common oversight. "High-achievers" is also false but more indicative of bias. All you have to be is "in school" and a GED is not exactly considered high achievement.
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