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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Ryan Record on Immigration is Mixed

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NumbersUSA gives him a C+ mainly because he didn't have much of a history pushing anti-immigration legislation. His votes have generally followed the rest of his party. He did co-sponsor AgJobs which is encouraging. More on this later.

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  1. Sa's Avatar
    he did vote yes on the Sensenbrenner bill H.R. 4437 . I dont know if people remember this in FL or not but they should be reminded of this .
  2. Jack's Avatar
    I think NumbersUSA would prefer Pawlenty or Jindal. If you are against amnesties and favor lower immigration, Ryan's record contains a lot of red, albeit with some green in other areas. The NumbersUSA grade is confusing because they have separate grades for "This Congress", "Recent", and "Career". This page has the most detail:

    Also found this:

    Rep. Paul Ryan

    The Wisconsin congressman who chairs the House Budget Committee is animated more by budget and economic issues than immigration. He has served in the House since 1999. In an election where the economy, jobs, and taxes take center stage, Ryan complements the already strong bona fides of Mitt Romney. There is no doubt that Wisconsin, following the ugly recall election public employee unions just put the state through, is already in play, and putting Ryan on the ticket would bolster Mr. Romney's prospects even more there.

    Ryan only has a C grade from NumbersUSA. He has supported amendments to strengthen immigration enforcement, including mandatory custody for certain illegal aliens, protecting the 287(g) program from the Obama administration's weakening of it, an E-Verify requirement for certain government contractors, and for border security. Though largely inattentive to legal immigration matters, he did vote in 2005 to do away with the visa lottery. Ryan has backed increases in foreign workers. He likely would be unhelpful in restoring immigration to traditional levels.

  3. JoeF's Avatar
    "He likely would be unhelpful in restoring immigration to traditional levels."

    What is that, "traditional levels", Jack?
    Traditional levels would be no limits to immigration, as it was in the 60ies.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    Message for Jack: How dare these Americans steal jobs from the Indians....!BB2B546D-3DCA-458E-BA00-72FCC1BEBDDB
  5. JC's Avatar
    @George Chell:
    In my opinion this plays well into the hands of politicians (or people) who want to fund all immigration work by raising fees on temporary worker visa.
  6. Another Voice's Avatar

    Yesterday, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan held several town halls, one of which stirred up the topic of immigration and so-called "anchor babies." What ensued, were some rather insensitive comments from Ryan, in which he noted that "anchor babies cost money," which is like saying U.S. citizen children cost money -- how is it worse when they're Latino kids?
    At the town hall a woman in the audience challenged another ex-Marine constituent who brought up the issue, then asked Ryan when he spoke about "catch and release" immigration whether he was talking about human beings or fish.
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