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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Op-Ed: Congress Fails on Immigration Reform

Rating: 4 votes, 5.00 average.

I've written a column for this morning's Memphis Commercial Appeal arguing that President Obama's new immigration policy is an appropriate response to a paralyzed Congress.

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  1. Waiting_on_HR3012_to_pass's Avatar
    Greg - I am not a DREAMER, but that's one very well put article. Simple, short, and succinct way of conveying to the American citizens what this Presidential action is all about.
  2. JoeF's Avatar
    Great article.
  3. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Thanks for the nice feedback! Greg
  4. Jack's Avatar
    "any form of punishment should fit the crime. Just as the death penalty isn't the appropriate punishment for shoplifting, a lifetime forced to live in exile is a punishment that is extreme"

    Criminal law is a poor comparison. For law with the purpose of limiting immigration it would be illogical to let illegal immigrants stay and, sure enough, the law provides for deportation, not punishment or fine followed by a right to stay. Such a policy would allow for unlimited immigration and defeat the very purpose of establishing a legal limit. A residency right created by violating the sovereign's laws to control residency would be perverse from both jurisprudential and public policy standpoints.
  5. Backlogged's Avatar
    Nice article. Coming to think of it, for the opposing faction to this executive order like Senator Grassley, hasnt helped the legal immigrant community for now he claims to feign concern for them? Atleast with this move,Congress can wake up and address the immigration backlogs.Status quo can never be solved if there is no compromise.
  6. gg's Avatar
    Romneys outlines his approach to immigration reform
  7. USCISnightmare's Avatar
    Is this true that EADS are free as well as deferred action applications? How on the Earth USCIS left out fee details when it involves close to $300,000,000.00 of revenue. USCIS charges $380 for EADS .
  8. Deb's Avatar
    Sure, I am for Presidential action to counter congressional inaction...what the hell has he been doing for the 3.5 years? Asleep at the desk? And no, I am not an anti. My family is stuck in the process in the legal way. Anyone see any help for those that are trying to follow the law? Sorry, vote bank politics is all it is about.
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