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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Bipartisan Startup Act 2.0 Introduced

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This time it's Republican Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Jerry Moran of Kansas teaming up with Mark Warner of Virginia and Chris Coons of Delaware to introduce legislation to attract science, technology, engineering and math graduates. Lots of great ideas floating around on Hill, but when are we going to see real movement on these bills?

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    We can all dream with Charles Grassley sitting in the Senate...that is the maximum we can do. However, the fact that even our lunatic fringe legislators (with the exception of Bachmann, King and their ilk...perhaps those lunatics dont have someone like Tancredo leading them) are not following the British conservatives (Damien "Dumb" Green and David "the Dunderhead" Cameron) in falling off the cliff with regards to skilled immigration is an extremely good sign indeed! With this kind of legislation we can more or less be certain that even with Romney getting in, we will not get regressive legislation on skilled migration similar to the case of Great Britain or anti-skilled migrant rhetoric as in the case of the coalition party in Australia, or the Singapore government caving in to the greedy one way streeters (those who want to work in America but hate the idea of Americans working in their country) in that country. I am on my way to Singapore in the next two weeks and perhaps I can shed light on the competition. As of now, it is all a matter of relatives. If other countries are intent on committing suicide and US stays where it is with its immigration policy, Foreign Investment from those countries and elsewhere will come to the US. That is what happened late in 2011 with a surge in employment and economy earlier this year. Granted fall in oil prices definitely helped out. In the end, if Obama does win, he can thank David "the dunderhead" Cameron for helping the UK fall off the cliff!

    Meanwhile, interesting new report from Bloomberg....

    However, my concern is that if states decide immigration policies, Washington State and Hawaii will advance among others, while Alabama and Arizona among others fall off the cliff...and we may have to bail them out in the future.
  2. gg's Avatar
    The best way to solve the immigration crisis in the country is to pass comphrehensive immigration reform at the federal level and allow states to OPT OUT. Simple ... Everyone wins. Undocumented will need to migrate to immigrant friendly states but this should not be a major problem.

    States that OPT OUT should not be allowed to get any immigrants for a minimum of 5 years.
  3. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    GG, you have my support!
  4. George Chell's Avatar

    As long as the states that opt out and want to remain lily white do not come to me for bail out when businesses start to move to immigrant friendly states.
  5. gg's Avatar
    LNLW & GC - As our Republican friends say lets the "markets decide". The bottom line is one state cannot force its preference on another.
  6. George Chell's Avatar

    True. But, they should live with the consequences.
  7. gg's Avatar
    Startup Act 2.0 : Press Conference etc .. (5 videos in playlist)
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