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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

ICE Agent Shot in Worksite Dispute

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A tragic repeat of what we've seen at work sites around the country over the last few years. This time it happens to be at ICE:

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is dead after a workplace dispute erupted into gunfire at the agency's offices in a California federal building, officials said.

In the incident at the Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building in Long Beach, Calif., an ICE agent allegedly opened fire on a colleague Thursday evening, leaving that colleague hospitalized in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds, ICE officials told ABC News.

"This situation began with what we can characterize as an incident of workplace violence," Steven Martinez, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office, told reporters late Thursday Pacific Time.

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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    If that is how they treat each other, the immigrants don't have a shot at getting a fair deal ever from these folks!!! It's like the wild west in there it seems....
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    The program, known as 287(g), reached its peak underPresident George W. Bush, when 60 local agencies signed contracts with ICE to implement it. But that trend slowed significantly under President Obama-- only eight agencies have signed up since he took office, and none has done so since August 2010.
    Now, in their proposed budget for the upcoming year,Department of Homeland Security officials say they will not sign new contracts for 287(g) officers working in the field and will terminate the "least productive" of those agreements -- saving an estimated $17 million.
  3. Limbo's Avatar
    This is scary for immigrants. Obviously whatever psychological screening process they use is inadequate, and some trigger happy nuts slip through. The is frightening when you think about the power they wield.
  4. gg's Avatar
    Lamar suddenly wakes up and wants immigration reform.
  5. George Chell's Avatar

    "Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu built a reputation as a rising, conservative star by taking a hardline stance against illegal immigration, attacking the Obama administration and appearing alongside Sen. John McCain in a 2010 re-election ad in which McCain urged federal officials to just "complete the danged fence.""

    "He recognizes he is fighting an uphill battle, especially in a state where family values, as defined by a large evangelical Christian and Mormon population, often battle fierce, WHITE SKIN WORSHIPPING PAGAN beliefs to define conservatism."

  6. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    "But, on Saturday, Babeu's conservative image took a beating as he was forced to confirm publicly that he is gay and was involved in a relationship with a Mexican immigrant who claims the sheriff threatened to have him deported if he revealed their relationship."

    That's pretty much the definition of the biggest a$$hole there is.
  7. Another Voice's Avatar
    So this Sheriff guy, he is gay and dates Immigrants yet he advocates for Republicanism, someone explain that one to me....
  8. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    AV, just like hiring a gay escort while preaching anti-gay message. These people try to believe that the more self righteous they are, the more they deserve an exception to partake. There are screwed up pathetic, self-loathing, psycopaths out there...
  9. gg's Avatar
    Kansas bills aims to authorize undocumented to work
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