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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Reap What you Sow

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I listen to public radio's This American Life every week and was pleased to see them covering the Alabama immigration law. Most of their stories are not on major public policy issues, but they do occasionally do in depth reporting and it can be very, very good. This was one of the best reports I've heard on the Alabama law and I recommend listening to the entire piece (which is about a half hour). There's a lot of angles I haven't heard before. One interesting interview is with the Alabama Speaker of the House who has some serious buyer's remorse. When asked whether Jesus would support the law they passed he admitted that the answer is surely no. There's an interesting interview with Kris Kobach who sticks to his guns that there have been no unintended consequences even as the reporter starts to list them. There's also some good stuff on the economic damage the bill is doing to the state including some pretty candid admissions by the House Speaker.

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