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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Ron Paul Says Immigrants Being Made Scapegoats

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While it's nice to hear Congressman Paul showing some empathy, his positions on immigration issues and his apparent connections to extremists make his words ring somewhat hollow.

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  1. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    He has been pretty consistently pro-immigrant, along with a many of his fellow libertrian thinkers (Cato Institute comes to mind). I don't see a conflict here. However, it is true that many bigots and rasist have joined the libertarian movement because they percieve it allows them to cover up for their hate, much the same way as they now cover up for their hate against Hispanics by saying they are "illegals". The truth is that pure libertarianism often cannot cover up for the hate, but the bigot have become pretty influential in the movement. Not that I would ever accept paleo-libertarian stuff of Paul's kind.
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    I dont know whether Paul has been pro-immigrant. As far as I can remember Paul was against birthright citizenship and he was also a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus led by Tom Tancredo with whom I believe he is still friends...and they believe in an immigration moratorium skilled or otherwise! He abstained from the country quotas vote as well. The US Congress led by Charles "Assinine" Grassley is trying to destroy the US economy and with that social security, but the multinationals and foreign firms are making sure that it wont happen.
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    The only nice thing to hear someone like him having a humane position on immigration is that he has a lot of followers..... He can change people's minds on issues, immigration needs all the help it can get with people's perception.
  4. find a lawyer's Avatar
    A super PAC supporting Rick Santorum is going on the air in Missouri with an ad saying the former Pennsylvania senator is the only "principled conservative" who can face Obama. Santorum has a real shot at winning Missouri's Feburary 7th caucuses, given that former House speaker Newt Gingrich isn't on the ballot, but there are no delegates at stake.
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