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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Is Immigration Good for America?

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The libertarian-leaning Cato Institute has a special issue this month and my friend Dan Kowalski at LexisNexis has linked to the articles here. Here are the articles they're running.

James A. Dorn Editor's Note (PDF, 2 pp., 33Kb)

Daniel T. Griswold Introduction: Is Immigration Good for America? (PDF, 4 pp., 49Kb)

Bryan Caplan Why Should We Restrict Immigration? (PDF, 20 pp., 177Kb)

Gordon H. Hanson Immigration and Economic Growth (PDF, 10 pp., 95Kb)

Giovanni Peri Immigration, Labor Markets, and Productivity (PDF, 20 pp., 175Kb)

Joel Kotkin and Erika Ozuna America's Demographic Future (PDF, 16 pp., 140Kb)

Stuart Anderson America's Incoherent Immigration System (PDF, 14 pp., 126Kb)

Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny The Economic Consequences of Amnesty for Unauthorized Immigrants (PDF, 22 pp., 196Kb)

Edward Alden Immigration and Border Control (PDF, 18 pp., 151Kb)

Jim Harper Internal Enforcement, E-Verify, and the Road to a National ID (PDF, 14 pp., 117Kb)

Margaret D. Stock Is Birthright Citizenship Good for America? (PDF, 20 pp., 164Kb)

Daniel T. Griswold Immigration and the Welfare State (PDF, 16 pp., 147Kb)

Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda The Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (PDF, 26 pp., 219Kb)

Joshua C. Hall, Benjamin J. VanMetre, and Richard K. Vedder U.S. Immigration Policy in the 21st Century: A Market-Based Approach (PDF, 20 pp., 174Kb)

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  1. Rajani's Avatar
    Hi Greg

    Any prediction or hope on HR 3012 when the senate comes back after recess?
  2. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Thanks, Greg! Very interesting compilation of articles.
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