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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Notarios Already on the Prowl

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After more than a decade with virtually no positive news for illegally present immigrants, a new industry began to flourish across the country. Called "notarios" fake lawyers have created a cottage industry of fraud, bilking immigrants on millions of dollars with promises to deliver immigration benefits that simply aren't going to happen. Notarios in Latin America are actually lawyers, but in the US it takes little more than a few dollars and an application to qualify to be a notary public.

In the wake of good news on prosecutorial discretion as well as I-601 waivers, notarios are starting to get more brazen in marketing their services even though only a relatively small percentage of those in the US illegally are likely to benefit from the changes.

My friend Paul Parsons passed on the link to an article that provides good information on notario fraud and how to avoid being scammed. Hopefully, it will help stop individuals from becoming victims.

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    Obama picks immigration reform advocate to lead domestic policy

    Too little too late or just in time ?

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