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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Obama Enjoys Big Edge With Hispanics (if They Bother to Vote)

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Pew's latest figures are reported by the Washington Post. Long story short - Obama is polling against Romney at 68%-23%, roughly the same number he had in 2008 against McCain. That's probably not because Latinos think the President is doing a great job. It just shows that Romney (and the rest of the GOP candidates) are so far out in looneyland on immigration issues that they've become totally unacceptable. The biggest danger Obama has is the lack of enthusiasm in the Hispanic community. Polling well with Hispanics won't matter so much if they don't get out to the polls next November. The President can hope that growth in the overall number of Hispanic citizens over the four years between elections (probably several million) will make up for a drop in the percent turning out. But it's a gamble and he's going to likely spend 2012 making the case that he is not as much of a disappointment on immigration as many think.

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  1. Jack's Avatar
    Romney so far out in looneyland on immigration issues?

    "My view is people who have waited in line patiently to come to this country legally should be ahead in line. And those who come here illegally should not be given a special deal or a special accelerated right to become a permanent resident or citizen."

    That's lunatic? What's lunatic is permanently dangling legalization and expecting anyone to pay attention to your law. Legalization makes chumps out of those who play by the rules and rewards those who ignore them. If Romney's platform is "looneyland", then the limited system itself is insane and we should just formally go to open borders. That's the implication.
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    Hey Jack knows how to drive a wedge between immigrants!!!

    As always conveniently missing the point, the Repuks can't win without some of the Hispanic vote that is just math you did learn math right Jack?

    So the fact that the Repuks continue to miss the point is sort of like try to get some common sense into your head Jack!!! Both impossibilities......

  3. JoeF's Avatar
    The issue is really if the Hispanic community goes voting. The Obama administration hasn't really done anything for them.
    Harry Reid in Nevada, for example, got a big boost late in his last race by promising things like Dream. It is time for the Dems to deliver more than just words.
    Gambling on the Repubs to drive the Latino vote to the Dems is very risky. Crying Wolf does wear out.
  4. John Lamb's Avatar
    Greg, I would like to see Obama remind people what he's done on immigration - it would be good to see that all in one place. My favorite is the increased focus on employers (with audits) instead of employees (with raids), on the theory that one has to clean up one's own house before pointing fingers, and also the increased focus on criminal prioritization.

    Even in terms of what Obama hasn't accomplished, the immigration reform story is better than under previous presidents: for example, the majorities of both Houses of Congress actually voted to pass the DREAM Act, but the GOP minority in the Senate killed it with the filibuster.
  5. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Hi John - My opinion of the President has improved a lot in recent months. Interestingly, the tone really started to change for the better when Rahm Emanuel left the White House. Not a coincidence, I'm afraid.
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