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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Steve King, You Stay Classy

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From today's Huffpost Hill e-newsletter:

STEVE KING TO LEGAL IMMIGRANT: YOU SURE? YOU SURE? YOU SURE? YOU SURE??? - Elise Foley: "Steve King got all Steve King-y at an immigration subcommittee hearing when he asked a witness, a law enforcement expert, for information on how he immigrated to the United States. 'You said you're likely the only immigrant on the panel,' King said. 'I wonder if you could tell us how was it you were inspired to come to the United States.' Arturo Venegas, a former Sacramento police chief, responded by telling King his U.S.-born mother brought him to the states after he was born in Mexico. 'Can you just tell us what year and what visa, then, Mr. Venegas?' Venegas answered that he came in 1958, although he was unsure of the visa type. "But I am a U.S. citizen," he added. King: 'I congratulate you on that.' King then moved onto the next question."

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  1. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    I feel like Jon Stewart needs to find a way to drag his crew out to testify. In character, Colbert style.
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