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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Does H-1B Usage Show Economy Picking Up?

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After more than two years of anemic use of the H-1B visa, employers are suddenly applying in bigger numbers for the professional worker visa. As of today, more than 56,000 H-1Bs out of a quota of 65,000 have been used. The quota is likely to be exhausted some time in the next few weeks. That's two months ahead of last year. Despite what the protectionists say, H-1B usage reflects the market. When the economy is hot, H-1B numbers go fast. And when it's in the dumps, the numbers last a while. H-1B applications are also a leading indicator since employers often file months ahead of when they expect the visa and the candidate to be available. So one might see this news as reason for optimism.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Despite what the ECRI Institute says, despite what the Federal Reserve of SFO says, the economy is recovering...not a V shaped but a U shaped recovery. The main reason we have not gone the way of the UK where unemployment climbed to 8.3% today is because they have essentially shut out skilled immigration. Believe it or not, many UK corporations are moving their skilled jobs to the Massachussetts to be precise. As I said before, all Obama has to do is do nothing except keep gas prices in check..the rest will be delivered by the imbecile morons in Europe especially the imbeciles running business out of the country in the UK. However, we can wipe Europe out as far as skilled labor is concerned if we adopt the Romney skilled migration proposals.
  2. Nurse Waiting's Avatar

    Guess lawmakers didn't read before passing Alabama immigration law. Now they want to "tweak" it.
  3. Nurse Waiting's Avatar
    65,000 H1bs are really insufficient for economy this size. These numbers should be available all year round. Congress needs to act on it.

    "if we adopt the Romney skilled migration proposals"
    You can forget any skilled immigration bill until democrats are in congress.
  4. Another Voice's Avatar
    65000 visas if the want people to come here legally that numbers should reflect labor market conditions.
  5. Another Voice's Avatar
    A perspective from an extinct republican that does not exist today....

    Twenty-Five Years After Reagan's 'Amnesty' Bill, Conservatives Should Support Increased Immigration

    Read more:

  6. George Chell's Avatar
    On the flip side had Simpson-Mazolli bill of 1984 to restrict legal immigration passed and signed into law by Reagan, we will be in as bad an economic position as Greece. Our social security would have been nearly bankrupt, the boom of the 1990s would never have happened..and we will be the laughing stock of the world...and guess what Alan Simpson gets on the deficit reduction committee. He was never a friend of social security...perhaps he wanted to destroy social security. That may be the main reason why he wanted to eviscerate legal immigration, particularly legal skilled immigration!
  7. Norton's Avatar
    That's two months ahead of last year.
  8. Hobart's Avatar
    That's two months ahead of last year.
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