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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Voters Boot Architect of Arizona's SB1070

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Once again from Virginia...SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS

    You can all guess where Russell "the Bigot" Pearce is in the flag!
  2. JoeF's Avatar
    Good. Hopefully, that's the beginning of the end of these stupid anti-immigrant state laws.
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    Good riddance to this guy!!!! But he did do a lot of damage already....
  4. Nurse Waiting's Avatar
    I hope yesterday Republicans realized that in 2010 they were not sent to implement their ideology (like democrats were punished for implementing their ideology from 2006-2010). They are sent to create jobs and solve nations problems, which every party fails to do. Need is for sensible approach solution to every problem. There is no need to cater to extreme wing of any party.

  5. George Chell's Avatar
    Last time a county went bankrupt..Orange County...California was voting on Prop 187..illegals and legals and citizens began leaving the county..and perhaps pushed it over the brink. Is it surprising that the Alabama law may have pushed Jefferson County over the brink...
  6. George Chell's Avatar

    "We have a battle, like you talked to two great people, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. I love them both and I'm with both of them."

    Herman Cain is a great man indeed...great role model for Russell Pearce or am I mistaken? Is that the reverse?

    "There is a war going on here about what is right. Less government, reduce the burden of government on the taxpayers and on businesses, protect the families."

    That is why he is pushing more government as far as immigration goes.

    "You know, it's about time somebody starts standing up for the mom and dads earning the money and doing great jobs in the private sector, not the government sector."

    That is why he wants to expand one public enforcement and police force!

    "but we have a good start on fixing Arizona.."

    Through more government...great start..Phoenix is one of the worst in the country for housing prices which are collapsing..more vacancies and prices expected to collapse by another 10% next year...good start indeed!

    Probably Greta was silenced by the thugs in Fox..if not she has very low IQ for not raising these questions!
  7. SG's Avatar
    December visa bulletin is out. EB 2 India has moved to mar 15 2008
  8. Sidney's Avatar
    These same companies are hiring like crazy offshore, even though salaries are increasing at rapid pace.
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