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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Priority Date Bill Clears Hurdle in House

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HR 3012, a bill which would phase out per country quotas in the employment green card system and raise the family per country quotas to 15% from 7% (without changing overall green card numbers in the family or employment categories) was approved today by a voice vote in the House Judiciary Committee. The bill next moves to the full House of Representatives and then on to the Senate where it still could face difficulties.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    Interesting. One would think it would have a tougher time in the House than in the Senate.
  2. Sa's Avatar
    It will have very tough time in Senate because of Mr. Durbin.
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    Yep as usual Charles "the Assinine" Grassley, Dick "the dumb" Durbin (to put it mildly) and Bernie "the Braindead" Sanders...all burying the heads in the sand with respect to globalization and jobs moving abroad! But, not surprising they have characters like that even in Singapore particularly in the National Trade Union Conference. The arrogance and delusion of some of the people is way beyond imagination!
  4. Bhaskar's Avatar
    The real problem is the Hispanic Caucus aka the Amnesty brigade. They might try to attach some Dream/amnesty to this and derail the whole bill.

    The Democratic party is all out hostile to skilled immigrants
  5. SG's Avatar
    Any idea when this bill will be taken for a floor vote in the house?
  6. Sam's Avatar
    Will increasing the family based immigration quota from 7% to 15% appeal to the Hispanic lobby?
  7. SG's Avatar
    When will somebody work on this bill - H.R. 1929: Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act

    What is the point of introducing this bill year and year after without ever being taken up. Complete waste of time!!!
  8. Techy's Avatar
    It may benfit few oversubscribed countries, but it is not designed to benift any countries in particular. it is about helping us business to get best available talent , no matter where they are from
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