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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

H-1B Usage Picking Up

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While we hear gloom and doom from the analysts, one sign that the economy is picking up is usage of H-1B numbers. Despite what you'll hear from a small group of disgruntled individuals who comb the web urging protectionism, the fact is that most employers don't hire H-1B workers unless they really need them. Lawyer fees, high government filing fees, having to open up your finances to government scrutiny, prevailing wage requirements and the possibility of denial lead many employers to pass on considering H-1B employees. In the last few weeks, H-1B usage has started to increase and we're now ahead of last year. Employers must be feeling some pressure to hire up and given that many employers file H-1B applications months before they plan on bringing a worker on, this could bode well for unemployment numbers this coming spring and summer. Nothing scientific here, but this has been my observation based on 20+ years in the field.

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