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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Pearce Recall Gets Go Ahead

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The Arizona Supreme Court has approved a recall election for anti-immigrant Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, author of SB1070. Pearce will face the voters on November 8th. Here's hoping for the end of this man's sad career.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    People like Pearce are responsible for illegals crossing the border. I bet he was a mormon missionary in Mexico and Central America. Despite economic crises in the past why do you think Argentinians dont come to America but go to Spain? Why do you think we dont have too many Uruguayans or Chileans in the country despite past economic problems? Because there are fewer Americans in those countries. I was in all three countries two weeks ago and hardly heard an American accent even in big cities..of course, there were even fewer South Asians. In Montevideo, there were none. In Buenos Aires there was one Indian restaurant and a handful of South Asians live in Chile. So why? Americans everywhere in Mexico and India and many parts of you get citizens of those countries wanting to come to America. There are no Southern Cone citizens in many South Asian countries either. Hence, a handful of South Asians in southern cone countries.

    Warning to Americans who dont like foreingers...if more and more of you stay home instead of flaunting yourselves in Asia and Mexico...fewer and fewer foreigners will come here. And this is especially true for ex mormon missionaries such as Russell Pearce!
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    Michele Bachmann Courts Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    More political football....what do we expect is election season!!! I think he will lose big this sector of the electorate.

    Obama Seeks Latino Support For Jobs Bill

    Obama reiterated his support for two of many Latinos' top legislative priorities: passage of the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. He blamed Republicans in Congress for blocking the political process.
  4. US Visa Extension's Avatar
    The Massachusetts House of Representatives is poised to pass a bill establishing three resort casinos and a slot parlor, according to the State House News Service. Of the bill's 154 proposed amendments, several address immigration-related matters.

    Two identical amendments have been introduced to extend preferential treatment to casino developers who pledge to give a majority of jobs to Massachusetts residents. Another amendment, filed by Republican Minority Leader Bradley Jones of North Reading, requires all casino employers to use a federal database to check the citizenship status of job applicants. Only U.S. citizens or immigrants with a work permit would be eligible for employment.
  5. superdry's Avatar
    There are no Southern Cone citizens in many South Asian countries either. Hence, a handful of South Asians in southern cone countries.
  6. Casinos Online's Avatar
    Isn't this the issue that even NBA players took a stand against? I guess it's too harsh and that it is a good thing to have a recall election.
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