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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

ICE's Chutzpah Moment

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ICE announced late Friday (that's Public Relations 101 on how you bury news stories you hope won't get so much public attention) that it not only won't release states and municipalities from their Memoranda of Agreement implementing the controversial Secureity Communities but that they are terminating all the MOAs and will force the program on states and cities whether they like it or not. They're now planning on forcing the program on all locations around the country by 2013. So much for all those promises early on in this Administration that the program was voluntary.

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  1. gg's Avatar
    I think ICE wants undocumented to die from heart attack or stroke caused by 24/7 fear and anxiety , if they cannot be deported.
  2. gg's Avatar
    Unpatriotic Arizonians, leave gaping hole in border fence funding

    Build the Border Fence Collection Weekly Status Report

    Target=50 million dollars

    Collected till date = 120,300.00

    No of days required to reach target = 7481 [20 yrs]

    Start of fencing construction = 2031

    Last week collection = 3155

  3. Jack's Avatar
    "(that's Public Relations 101 on how you bury news stories you hope won't get so much public attention)"

    Heh, heh. Speaking of which, what day were the Morton discretion memos released? Didn't he break the last one out at the AILA conference?!

    I love all the whining about interfering with local NON-enforcement prerogatives when all we heard before as a justification against local enforcement was we have to have uniformity, no patchwork, etc. Too funny.

    DHS/ICE's blunders should come as no surprise. Just look at the extreme level of politicization and disconnect between the leadership vs. rank and file. Check out that ICE union testimony link I posted in the last entry. It's unbelievable.
  4. Honza Prchal's Avatar
    Might this be an unfunded mandate?
    A paranoid or a cynic might say this is some sort of plot to "heighten the contradictions" within our society, but I think a combination of bureaucratic inertia, political cowardice, political complacency and sheer incomprehension of a Byzantine system have more to do with our present ludicrous immigration situation. only the lousy economy prevents the numbers of illegals and frustrated would-be or in-process legal immigrants from being even higher.
    What a mess.
  5. gg's Avatar
    Civil rights groups are considering a lawsuit to try to block the federal government from requiring all police agencies to screen people booked into local jails for immigration violations.
  6. Jack's Avatar
    "What a mess."

    I know. It's going to always be a mess so long as all these zero enforcement groups keep attempting to thwart the law by killing its enforcement:

    He said his group [National Day Laborer Organizing Network] is considering a lawsuit to try to block the program.

    (from gg's link)
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