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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Immigration is Most Important Issue for Hispanics

Rating: 6 votes, 5.00 average.

Anti-immigration extremists in the GOP regularly try to calm down the critics in their party worried about surrendering the Hispanic vote by saying that America's Latinos care more about the economy than immigration. Common sense says otherwise and so does a new poll showing nearly half rank immigration as their top issue, almost twice as many as put the economy as the most important one.

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  1. Sid's Avatar

    It looks like minorities like Hispanics and African Americans have been most affected financially by the housing crisis and the recession. Common sense would dictate that the economy would be the most important issue for Hispanics right now but apparently it's not according to this poll.

    So Greg, the fact that you also think that the finding of the poll reflects common sense could mean that you fall in the genius category but don't realize it. You're so smart that something that's not obvious for people with above average intelligence is simply trivial for you.
  2. gg's Avatar
    ICE Raids University of Northern Virginia Offices
  3. Don Miller's Avatar
    Again, I want a definition of the word "hispanic". Of the three main groups so defined in the US I find it very difficult to believe that Puerto Ricans put immigration foremost among their issues. Or Cubans, primarily because the source of their problem is Cuban, not American, policy. This leaves essentially Mexicans and assorted Central Americans, who are to all intents and purposed indistinguishable from Mexicans. I am not aware of vast hordes of Argentines, Chileans, Peruvians, Paraguayans et al swarming the border pushing to get in. Which means, in fact, that this is an issue for Mexicans, not "hispanics", and why should any American political figure pay one moment's attention to an issue important to one group of largely foreigners trying to bring in more of their own people? Especially when the non-foreign Americans have indicated in survey after survey and countless polls that they are unalterably opposed to increased immigration across the board and particularly to increased immigration from Mexico! As an American politician I would politely tell so-called "Hispanic" agitators that the care and well-being of Mexicans (and Salvadorans, Guatemalans, etc)is an issue for the governments of their own countries, not the United States, to address!
  4. gg 's Avatar
    How legal were the Anglo immigrants who settled in Texas, in violation of Mexican law, with the avowed intention of wresting the territory from Mexico? How legal was the forced ceding by Mexico to the U.S. of what is today most of the Southwest U.S.? The singer-actor Willie Nelson put it succinctly in one of his movie roles, "Most people call it stealing. We call it Manifest Destiny.
  5. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    "As an American politician I would politely tell so-called "Hispanic" agitators that the care and well-being of Mexicans (and Salvadorans, Guatemalans, etc)is an issue for the governments of their own countries, not the United States, to address!"

    Except, millions of them are American citizens who will vote you out. Way to go!
  6. Jack's Avatar
    Come on, Greg. 547 supporters and attendees at the 2011 NCLR Annual Conference aren't exactly your typical Hispanic. Could it be these attendees have a self-serving goal of political power which makes them more open borders than non-activists (the vast majority of Hispanics)?
  7. Another Voice's Avatar
    Out of the 50 million hispanics in The US all hace a family member or close friend touched bu The us?is of immigration. They've watched for years The constant attacks and inaction has the Hispanic community as the rest of the immigrant community sick of this issue. Off course it is an important issue the uncertainty it has caused in people's lives for years. If Hispanics come out to vote in large numbers in 2012 this is the driver issue for them. Cen't do much about this economy so they have to fight for what is close to their heart.
  8. Another Voice's Avatar
    Plenty of American citizens married or related to these immigrate will make it their issue as well.
  9. gg 's Avatar

    The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt

    In all, the Treasury owes foreigners and foreign governments $4.514 trillion dollars

    Read more:
  10. George Chell's Avatar
    "The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt

    In all, the Treasury owes foreigners and foreign governments $4.514 trillion dollars"

    As I tell people like Jack beggars cannot be choosers! Antis will win if they make the case of two things that are likely to increase immigration, skilled or otherwise. Education budget cuts which shortchanges Americans and foreign military adventurism as in Vietnam. Now the teabaggers want to do both..keep defense spending as is and go on more foreign adventures and cut Pell grants. The US budget cuts will lead to fewer skilled Americans ten to twenty years down the road, forcing US to either depend on foreigners or loosing some of the top industries and jobs to other countries. Now if antis call for increased education spending on Americans and fewer military adventurism abroad to reduce dependence on foreign skills, they will win. Heck, they may even get some Dems to join them. However, their nonsense about paying Americans more to attract them to jobs without any consideration of quality is a non-starter! And by making the arguments like Ronil Hira made in front of the congress about paying Americans more, would only lead to them digging their own graves as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and others threatening to cut jobs in the US and moving them abroad. Actually, Cisco has already begun the process!

  11. gg 's Avatar
    Farmers Oppose G.O.P. Bill on Immigration

    "Most of our folks are Republicans," said Paul Wenger, the president of the California Farm Bureau. "But if the Republicans do this to them without a workable worker program, it will change their voting patterns or at very least their involvement in politics."
  12. George Chell's Avatar
    Perhaps we should not be in farm business. Perhaps we should eliminate farm subsidies first and then determine the needs.
  13. Jack's Avatar

    The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt


    In all, the Treasury owes foreigners and foreign governments $4.514 trillion dollars
    But Americans own most of their own country's $14,342,909,569,328.74 of debt.

    Read more:


    "People just don't want to do farm work," Mr. Wenger said.

    All we ever hear in these "Americans are lazy" articles is they can't stand the heat and the like with never a mention of how the labor laws are different (e.g., child labor is legal), the labor laws are not enforced, and that it is an industry where even when legal "guest workers" (H-2) are used it is in a way that often amounts to de facto slavery. So it's a joke to blame Americans. Obviously, the expedient political move is just to (for now at least) exempt these jobs from E-Verify in order to get the other 98% of illegal aliens subject to a verification system. Buy off the powerful agricultural lobby. It screws over farm labor but we already screw them over and that isn't going to change overnight anyway. Sad but true.
  14. George Chell's Avatar
    "In all, the Treasury owes foreigners and foreign governments $4.514 trillion dollars."

    Still a significant a bomb bringing down PanAM 103 over Scotland over twenty years ago, a default will bring down the US economy!
  15. Another Voice's Avatar
    Jack go put your "theory" to the test go to GA where fields are going bad because not even the probationers would do the work. As always Jack keep the blinders on and stick to those talking points. Ignoring the facts is your clan's favorite sport.
  16. Another Voice's Avatar
    This guy Don Miller probably lives in a cave that has no Hispanic constituency. 6/10 are of Mexican decent which means they dominate the Latino vote. No agitators just some voters that will clean your clock given the opportunity in the next election.
  17. gg 's Avatar
    'Shop Talk': Immigration Reform Amid Debt Dilemma
  18. George Chell's Avatar
    The great American debt deal will lead to fewer American students getting admitted into cash strapped universities, more foreign students who pay higher tuition, more foreign graduate students as more foreign (and domestic) corporations fund research at US universities and want only the best. It will either result in increases in skilled migration (eg. Canada) or same of less skilled immigration (UK) as antis argue that the problem is lower wages, not shortage of quality American students (an idiotic argument by Professors Hira and Borjas, and they will win the argument if they campaign for training more US students). Less skilled immigration means more jobs going abroad, lower tax revenues, further spending cuts and even fewer opportunities for American students and the vicious cycle will continue!
  19. George Chell's Avatar
    Yes Don Miller is living in a cave like many tea party Americans and even some liberals like Bernie Sanders and Dick Durbin. Go read up on CA redistricting. Three more Hispanic districts and one Asian American district. Analysts say, that in a bad year, even if Obama goes down in flames, Dems will gain two seats in the next election..if Obama wins in a landslide it could mean a gain of anywhere between eight to ten seats. Now with CA passing the Dream Act, illegals will move to CA from states such as GA and AZ. Dont be surprised if CA gains seats in 2020 is possible that by 2030 CA will look like MA..the GOP an extinct species.
  20. George Chell's Avatar
    Anti immigrant congressmen likely to loose after redistricting....

    Gallegly goes from 51.4% Obama to 57.8%

    Bilbray (if he runs in N. San Diego) goes from 52.1% Obama to 54.8%

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