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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

California Dream Act signed by Governor

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Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation making  it easier for those illegally here who entered the country as children to qualify for educational assistance in the Golden State. The same bill was previously vetoed by Governor Scwarzenegger. From the Sacramento Bee:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday extending scholarship opportunities to undocumented immigrant students, part of landmark "Dream Act" legislation vetoed by Brown's predecessor.

"Our future is uncertain if we neglect those children," Brown told supporters at Los Angeles City College. "But it's absolutely abundant if we invest in their education, their child care, their future, their neighborhoods."

Assembly Bill 130 allows students who are in the country illegally but qualify for in-state tuition to apply for private financial aid. The Democratic governor is likely this year to sign a broader companion bill, Assembly Bill 131, allowing illegal immigrants to seek public aid, including Cal Grants.

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