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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Section by Section Summary of Legal Workforce Act

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Here's my summary of this 71 page bill. Tell me what you think.


Summary of the Legal Workforce Act

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  1. gg's Avatar
    Too burdensome on employers......
  2. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Sounds like a whole lot more of government intrusion. Oh, wait, that's what Republicans are for.
  3. Jack's Avatar
    Appreciate the summary...

    The fraud prevention section sounds a little sketchy. HOW do you uncover fraud? If you now need a real person's SSN, it incentivizes ID theft vs. mere fraud. Thus, in order to uncover fraud, the system would need to be linked to more information, e.g. IRS, than just whether a name & number match. This needs to be figured out and legislated ahead of time and not left to be guessed at as we go. Why? If we make it so that ID theft works and then there's a tsunami of it, it could kill the whole verification concept going forward. Thus, if it gets to the point where mandatory verification is inevitable, the anti-enforcement underminers will surely try to create such a scenario by weakening this area of the legislation (similar to what happened in '86). Then they would disingenously argue that we must end verification due to ID theft.

    The intrusive/burdensome excuse is weakened by the fact that the I-9 requirement already exists. From a compliance standpoint, verification arguably makes it better for the good faith employer if he has specified steps he can take which then provide a legal protection. He is then done with it rather than worry that he can down the line be accused of not acting in good faith, having to fire a worker already on the job if an audit reveals she was ineligible to work, etc.
  4. gg's Avatar
    This bill is likely to send more employers and employees into the underground economy resulting in loss of billions of dollars in taxes. Secondly the success of this legislation depends on too many external factors..

    In my view such bills have very chances of becoming law unless accompanied by meaningful immigration reforms.
  5. USC's Avatar
    I was amused to come across this on Page 5 of Greg's summary:

    "nothing shall be construed to authorize the creation of a national identification card"

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck.........
  6. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    ID theft? Jack, wake up. Some Americans are selling their IDs to illegal immigrants so that immigrants pay SS and Medicare taxes. This way the "victim" of theft will get his SS paycheck in retirement, even if one has not worked a day. It is of course more common among convicts and drug addicts, but when you have one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, there is no shortage of takers.
  7. gg's Avatar

    kris kobach vs lamar smith
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