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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Pearce Likely Facing Recall Election

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Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the legislator behind most of Arizona's anti-immigration laws as well as proposals for some even crazier ones, is apparently not so beloved in his home district. The week the group Citizens for a Better Arizona presented to the Arizona Secretary of State a petition signed by more than 18,000 of Pearce's constituents demanding a recall election. Only 7,756 valid signatures are required to force a recall election. Pearce would be the first state senate president in American history to be recalled if he loses the election.

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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    Now Wild fires are blamed on Undocumented workers....

    As Arizona Fire Rages, So Does Rumor on Its Origin
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    Your morning jolt: Lawsuit to argue that new immigration law will criminalize acts of kindness
    9:36 am June 2, 2011, by jgalloway

    The legal war over Georgia's new illegal immigration law begins today.

    The lawsuit by the ACLU and other civil rights groups will be released this afternoon, but a few details are already leaking out:

    - Much of the draft is the work of Keegan Federal, the former DeKalb County Superior Court judge;

    - One of the main components is the allegation that the law will result in racial profiling, which should surprise no one. The filing will include this line: "All Georgians, and particularly those of color, will be compelled to carry additional paperwork on them prescribed by the State of Georgia at all times."

    - The lawsuit alleges that, even though the new law doesn't go into effect until July 1, individuals are already being stopped by law enforcement officials, based on their appearance and ability to speak English.

    - The suit will also focus on the new law's ban on transporting or harboring illegal immigrants, arguing that the statute will expose legal residents of Georgia to criminal prosecution for acts of kindness.

    In addition to the civil rights organizations, parties to the suit will include a Catholic nun who ""is guided by the Christian principle of welcoming the stranger in our midst."

    She provides transportation and housing to individuals in Georgia without asking their immigration status, and admits she is aware that "a good share" of those individuals are undocumented immigrants.

    Another party to the suit will be a Teamster official who says he regularly transports undocumented students, offers rides to undocumented day laborers to and from work sites, and drives undocumented individuals to church in his union-issued, 12-passenger van.

    Then there's the former Air Force lieutenant colonel, now the leader of a multi-denominational group that serves 100 families, including undocumented immigrants, offering English language classes, food coupons and direct aid.

    And a Cuban refugee, who has legally resided in the U.S. since 1980, will argue that even though he has the correct paperwork, he can't satisfy the provisions of HB 87.
  3. Ironweed's Avatar
    God help us get rid of this human scourge claiming rights to what we have worked for an built only to have it dragged down by welfare hordes. The poor will always be among us, but do we have to give them anything they demand?
  4. Another Voice's Avatar
    "God help us get rid of this human scourge "

    LOL!!! I think just about any "god" advocates for helping your fellow human and specially those whom have less.....
  5. Another Voice's Avatar

    Today, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center, the ACLU of Georgia, the Southern Poverty Center, the Asian Law Caucus, and Georgia-based attorneys filed a class action lawsuit challenging House Bill 87. You can find a copy of the complaint here:

    This lawsuit would have never been made possible without the courage and tenacity of our plaintiffs which include civil rights, labor, social justice and faith-based organizations, including Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Service Employees International Union, the Southern Regional Joint Board of Workers United, Alterna, Coalition of Latino Leaders, Task Force for the Homeless,, Instituto de Mexico, Coalition for the People's Agenda and the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center; as well as individually named plaintiffs who would be subject to harassment or arrest under the law; and a class of similarly situated people.

    Other attorneys on the case include: Brian Spears; R. Keegan Federal, Jr. of Federal & Hassan, LLP.; and Charles H. Kuck and Danielle M. Conley of Kuck Immigration Partners, LLC.

    Please find a copy of the newly released frequently asked questions about the Georgia racial profiling law here:
  6. Amused's Avatar
    I'm always amused by anti-immigrants who claim to be Christians. WWJD is something that obviously doesn't cross their minds.
  7. NoOpenBorders's Avatar
    And the list of Orgs behind this give it credit? Please, unless you are deaf, blind and live on the Moon and don't know that the SPLC is one of the lowest donation organizations in the country as well as many different things. Take a look for yourself at this site: Or just Google SPLC FACTS
  8. gg's Avatar
    House GOP Hints At Immigration Reform For Skilled Workers
  9. Paul Ryan's Avatar
    Another genius. Pearce's constituents? The group behind the petition even admits that they took duplicate signatures and signatures from people outside the district, just so that they could prove they were impressive enough to find a whole ten thousand signatures from a country of three hundred million.. to recall a politician in a district of two hundred thousand. Big whoop.
  10. gg's Avatar

    Tech Hiring Boom
  11. gg's Avatar
    House Republican Technology Agenda Focuses on Security, Jobs
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