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My Grandfather Ben

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Congrats to budding poet Maya Young Wong, a fifth grader hailing from Altadena, California! She submitted the winning entry in the American Immigration Council's annual creative writing competition. You can read her entry here.

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  1. Roger Yang's Avatar
    What a pleasure to read and savor Maya Wong's poignant verse of her grandfather's odyssey to becoming an American. With scholarship, passion and sophistication, the poet ing?nue rekindled the spirit of an epic era much obscured by the passage of time. The saga of early Chinese immigrants set the cornerstone for their assimilation into a new cultural landscape. Gold Mountain was forged in the cauldron of a nation struggling to live up to its high sounding words. But America's promise for liberty and opportunity remained resilient in the face of an often stridently inconsistent and tremulously professed equality. In reverence to those whose unflinching vision paved a weary and uncharted road up Gold Mountain, this country is forever indebted. By paying homage to her grandfather, Maya Wong recognizes the contributions from a generation of pioneers. Thank you, Maya, for your eloquence in honoring the courage and splendor of ancestors who founded a better tomorrow.
  2. H. Tran's Avatar
    In baseball, they call it a home run.
  3. Stephen Lo's Avatar
    My parents also grew up during the Roaring 20s and Great Depression. What a treasure-trove of memories and emotions.
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