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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Arizona Trying to Raise Money to Build its Own Border Fence

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Just saw this story from a few days ago. Aside from being a hugely irresponsible way to spend a broke state's taxpayer funds, this idea also is probably unconstitutional. Does Arizona plan on having its own border control points? Will the state's wall interfere with Border Patrol activities? The federal government is supposed to control the national borders and not the states. Not that Arizona minds wasting the state's money to continue to losing that point.

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  1. Frank. W's Avatar
    As long as the ignorant masses of this country remain in such brutish state, it will be very easy for any skilled sophist to manipulate public opinion with senseless projects as the one mentioned in this article...wondering which companies may be involved in the construction of Arizona's border fence, because it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that these entities are campaign contributors.
  2. Apacha's Avatar
    And wonder why the economy is STILL not improving!!!
    Wonder why sufficient number of jobs are not being created - 2 years after the recession got over in 2009!!!
    Wonder why the reverse brain drain has picked up steam - Is this not a good enough indicator where the economy is heading!!
    Wonder why every state is spending tax dollars and valuable time coming up with an immigration bill, instead of proposing bills to jump-start the economy and create jobs!!
    Wonder why the common public do not awake from their sleep and demand the government for results instead of just lip service!!

    Wonder why??
  3. Another Voice's Avatar
    A Hispanic Republican group opposed to Georgia's new immigration enforcement law is asking Porsche to reconsider building its new North American headquarters in the state.
  4. gg's Avatar
    Infosys gets subpoena from US court on visas

    New Delhi: Amid controversies over its use of US business visas, Infosys on Tuesday said an American court has sought documents and records related to the company's sponsorships and utilization of B1 business visas.
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    They can build a wall up to the heavens like the Tower of Babel, as long as they ask me, a US citizen, living in Virginia money to build the wall or eventually bail out the state. I will be in front of the congress fighting any bailout of Arizona or for that matter Georgia, tooth and nail!
  6. Another Voice's Avatar
    Children of Immigrants Are America's Science Superstars
  7. Jack's Avatar
    "Pro-immigration advocacy" and Hispanic groups livid with Marco Rubio:

    "To be against comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship and against the DREAM Act defines you in the Latino immigrant community as a hard-liner and an enemy of the community," said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of America's Voice, a pro-immigration advocacy group.

    Read more:

  8. George Chell's Avatar
    Marco Rubio did not have any influence in the NY 26 elections. The person he campaigned for went down yesteday in a heavy GOP district. Immigration is not an issue. GOP and immigant hard liners will live and die politically with Medicare!
  9. gg's Avatar
    imagine if the suv driver was an undocumented immigrant .....
  10. George Chell's Avatar
    Crooked Arapio, Arizona Scumbag....his officers arrested in human smuggling...perhaps he was involved himself and is trying to cover up.

    May be white folks in Arizona are ok with it!
  11. Another Voice's Avatar
    That takes care of Marco Rubio's chances after 2012 to try to be the first Hispanic US president. It has been said in the media that he was wanting to do that..... ADIOS Marco
  12. Another Voice's Avatar
    That special election in NY may prove to be a turning point for the dems....If they can make this issue bigger as well as Obama can throw a bone to Hispanics on DREAM or something Immigration, Hispanics may come out to vote in heavy numbers and the dems may be able to re-elect Obama and reclaim the congress which could make Immigration reform easier...just a thought!!
  13. Ap's Avatar
    It is better that future immigrants or those waiting in line read between the lines - as to what the congress is saying. The primary reason is not that they lack support or do not have the votes; but the complete lack of political will to fix immigration once and for all. They cannot just turn up and say that they are not going to pass any reform and that they do not need any more immigrants. Good immigration helps or doesn't is another question. They will continue the lip service now; after the elections when Dems probably will still be in charge, and even after the 2016 elections. Future immigrants needs to draw the line and decide when is the right time for them individually to look at other avenues other than the US.
  14. My 2 cents's Avatar
    "imagine if the suv driver was an undocumented immigrant ....."

    Most comments following the video blame the mother as it seems she is a Hispanic. The immigrants whether legal or illegal get the raw end while in traffic or immigration. That's a fact.
  15. Another Voice's Avatar
    South Carolina Immigration Bill Passed By State House
  16. Frank W.'s Avatar
    As long as the ignorant masses of this country remain in such brutish state, it will be very easy for skilled sophists to manipulate public opinion with senseless legislation as the one passed by the State House of South Carolina (wasted time, money and resources). Meanwhile most of the populace is unaware of REAL ISSUES like the one presented next:

    The International Forecaster
    The Fed Behind The Greatest Fraud In History
    May 25 2011

    The price of gold a flight to quality, the need for a gold backed dollar, elitists wanting fiat currency, rampant inflation in US and Europe, Greece in default, living with the consequences of the greatest fraud in history,

    We believe that for the past 2-1/2 years the price of gold has been mainly driven by a flight to quality, as gold vied with the dollar for supremacy, as the world's reserve currency. As we have witnessed gold has won that battle. The only way the dollar or any other world reserve currency can compete is by being backed 25% by gold. The elitist's royalty of Wall Street and the City of London are quite upset with these developments, because they want all currencies to be fiat, so that they would not have to have a gold backed international monetary unit. Over the last six months another historic factor has come into play in evaluating gold versus currencies, and that is the interconnectivity of gold's relationship with inflation.

    Read the entire article here:
  17. gg's Avatar
    Federal Judge Upholds Immigrant's Right to Remain Silent on Status

    Read more:
  18. gg's Avatar
    Deportation Nation presents Secure Communities 101
  19. Another Voice's Avatar
    U.S. Supreme Court upholds immigration law targeting employers
    In a 5-3 decision upholding an Arizona immigration law, justices rule that states can take away the business licenses of companies that knowingly hire illegal workers.,0,1490104.story
  20. Renew Green Card's Avatar
    Arizona Republicans are asking for the American public's help in order to raise money toward the construction of a fence along the Mexico border.

    A law that allows for the construction of the fence goes into effect on July 20, but as of now, Arizona does not have enough funds to complete the massive project without additional support. Senator Steve Smith, who sponsored the legislation, told the Christian Science Monitor that the goal is to collect $50 million in donations.
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