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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

H-1B Usage Still Weak

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Those thinking the H-1B program is about cheap labor might have difficulty explaining why so few H-1Bs are being requested by businesses. After all, if H-1Bs are a way to save labor costs, wouldn't employers be firing their US workers like crazy in order to take advantage?

The demand for the new fiscal year's allotment of H-1B visas is lighter than it has been for many years - even less than during the height of the recession. As of yesterday, only 11,200 H-1Bs had been claimed and week to week demand since the quota opened up on April 1st has been 1000 to 1200. At this pace, numbers could last until next summer (compared to running out in January of this year).

The real story is that H-1Bs are expensive for employers. They must pay lawyer costs, significant government filing fees and deal with a host of compliance rules including meeting minimum prevailing wage requirements. While the antis will point to anecdotal evidence of abuse here and there, the bigger picture is that employers tend to use H-1Bs when the labor supply is particularly tight and they have little choice. The proof of this is the actual H-1B usage numbers which skyrocket when unemployment plunges and plummet when there are plenty of US workers available. That's why I've been filing a lot more physician H-1B applications than programmer petitions over the last few years.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    It is a lot cheaper to move jobs to Singapore or Hong Kong than hire hear especially when fees are taken into consideration. HSBC has decided that it is a lot cheaper to hire in Singapore (despite recent anti-foreign worker sentiments) and China than in the UK (where the Brits have imposed strict caps on skilled immigrants outside the Eurozone). So they move jobs.

    Only 35,000 H1Bs really, when tech occupations are concerned. Most of the boom in "foreign" hires in tech, nursing and other skilled professions is due to foreign spouses of US citizens migrating to this country. Out of 300,000 or so admitted every year on spousal visa, 80-90% supposedly have college the antis and others see this and think that the US lets in a half a million people to work in computer related professions!
  2. Apappa's Avatar
    I personally know 3 people who have been offered jobs (with very good pay of course and perks) here in the US, but have declined to take it for the reasons we all know. times..sure are changing and changing fast!!
  3. Frank W.'s Avatar
    As soon as the US economy collapses immigration will become a mere administrative process directed by international guidelines and legal matters will be strictly focused on individuals who have problems with the law (felons, tax evaders, drug traffickers, etc).

    The ignorant masses of this country fail to realize that there is a generation of Americans retiring right now (the so-called "Baby Boomers", who happen to be the majority of the populace) and government benefits for these people are not longer considered a safe heaven - remember that Social Security retirement payments are UNFOUNDED LIABILITIES.

    Currently is it estimated that 3 taxable workers in the United States contribute towards the Social Security check of 1 retiree (3:1) and this ratio will dramatically decline before the decade ends (2:1).

    Guess what segment of the population of this coutnry government will need to adjust their legal status in order to become taxable individuals...

    It shoudn't be considered an aberration to assert that the only way to sustain this generation of Americans (approximately 65% of the entire population) is by allowing a massive immigration, so government can heavily tax these newcomers. The United States will need more than 100 million foreigners to help paying the upcoming cost related to these retirees.
  4. gg's Avatar
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren To DHS: Secure Communities Investigation Should Start Now
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    A nightmare for Jack, the pseudo-environmentalists and racists as more and more foreigners buy US houses and move in next door to white Americans...and yes, many are Chinese....
  6. Immigration Solicitors's Avatar
    Immigration law is a specialist and constantly changing field.
  7. Frank W.'s Avatar
    "A nightmare for Jack, the pseudo-environmentalists and racists as more and more foreigners buy US houses and move in next door to white Americans...and yes, many are Chinese...."

    Since the US Economy keeps deteriorating, real estate has turned into a very attractive market for foreigners (Chinese investors are frenetically purchasing proprieties in America). Most likely, Jack lives in a suburban town located in the outskirts of a big city. He should move to Chinatown where English is barely spoken and realize that these urban concentrations are expanding beyond what it used be its "traditional" boundaries (i.e. San Francisco Bay Area is the best example of China's soft power projection).

    Ps. Jack, people in this blog are waiting for your answer regarding the location of the State of San Antonio (in a previous post he mentioned somebody being a "Governor of San Antonio").
  8. Frank W.'s Avatar
    Events keep developing so fast...

    The Hidden State Financial Crisis
    OPINION - MAY 18, 2011
    My latest research into opaque state financial statements suggests taxpayers will be surprised by how much pensions are underfunded.

    Next month will be pivotal for most states, as it marks the fiscal year end and is when balanced budgets are due. The states have racked up over $1.8 trillion in taxpayer-supported obligations in large part by underfunding their pension and other post-employment benefits. Yet over the past three years, there still has been a cumulative excess of $400 billion in state budget shortfalls. States have already been forced to raise taxes and cut programs to bridge those gaps.

    Read the entire article here:
  9. Frank W.'s Avatar
    And events still keep developing so fast...

    Texas Senate Panel Derails 'Sanctuary Cities' Bill
    May 19, 2011 7:20 AM
    AUSTIN (AP) - A Texas Senate committee derailed a plan Wednesday that would have allowed local police to question anyone they detain about their citizenship status, a major defeat for Gov. Rick Perry, who had called the effort an emergency and put it on the legislative fast track.

    The so-called "sanctuary cities" bill sparked months of heated criticism from police chiefs across the state and Democrats in the Legislature who feared the measure would encourage racial profiling and make it harder for police to do their jobs.

    Read the entire article here:
  10. Apacha's Avatar
    Soon legal immigrants will need to tattoo their identification numbers on theirs arms or foreheads if any of these bills become law. Don't the public get tired of the seesaw with every state coming out with its own bill and the courts rejecting them or stalling them; thereby wasting time and valuable tax dollars. Are we this foolish or just plain ignorant??
  11. Jack 's Avatar
    Ps. Jack, people in this blog are waiting for your answer regarding the location of the State of San Antonio (in a previous post he mentioned somebody being a "Governor of San Antonio").

    I think it's just you but since you care so much, I copied and pasted that from a TV listing and didn't take the time to proofread. Sorry.
  12. Renew Green Card's Avatar
    Only 65,000 H-1B visas are issued each year. In past years, the demand for H-1B visas has exceeded supply to such an extent that all available visas have been exhausted in days. This has resulted in the administration of a "lottery" system, whereby USCIS only completes processing on randomly selected applications. Applications that are not selected in the years that the lottery stems is in place are rejected. Because so few H-1B visas are available, successful H-1B visa applicants have had to approach the H-1B visa application process with foresight and a calculated strategy.
  13. George Chell's Avatar
    Seems like the US has no way out other than through Jack's nightmare (more people coming to the US as foreign students, buying property and moving next door and of course as foreign tourists and destroying the "fragile ecosystem")....

    "For example, substantial growth in foreign tourism is supporting more jobs in retail and hotels. In cities like Miami and New York, foreign buyers are supporting a lot of jobs in construction and real estate. With more foreign students attending U.S. colleges, America's massive higher education sector is increasingly participating in global trade. As Spence notes, global growth doesn't have to be a zero-sum game."

    Of course for the American bigot this means more Chinese buying up their property and moving next door and their sons and daughters competing and beating white American students in math and science....

    for the bigots of whom many exist in places like Huntington Beach, CA the major nightmare is their sons taking the Chinese girl next door to prom (what will the neighbors say?)

    Of course, Spence has another solution which may not be a viable option...and seems like the antis are too interested in this solution as I did not see them joining the Wisconsin or Ohio protestors in the spring....

    "Spence doesn't see any short-term fix. In essence, there's a mismatch between the skillsets and competencies of the American workforce and the sectors that are producing higher incomes. For too long, complacent Americans consumed too much and saved and invested too little. Spence says a list of reforms would help: greater investment in human capital, education, research, and infrastructure; a sensible energy policy; a simplified pro-investment tax system. "They're not easy things, and they're harder with a fiscal deficit," he says. "But if we did all of those things for five years and upped our game, it would have a material effect on the employment challenge.""

    Which brings me to the final inference...the antis at FAIR and CIS as well as folks like Heather MacDonald, Mark Kirkorian and Dan Stein are simply bigots and racists bent on keeping America white and using the welfare of the American worker as the cover...when they really dont care about the American worker...this is also evident in their lack of concern for unemployed American actors (even Lamar Smith now seems to be concerned) where competition is log more stiffer for about 20,000 acting and support jobs created every year rather than 32,500 or so jobs which go to technical H1Bs with nearly one million jobs created every year...the only reason for their concern is that in the latter the competition comes from non-whites whereas for the former it comes mostly from whites. Why do you think investor visa legislation is not moving forward? Because racist tea party supported legislators led by the Minnesota racist Michelle Bachmann do not want more non-white investors in this country who will move in next door to them and neither do Kirkorian, MacDonald, Camarotta, Malenga, Stein and other racists in these organizations!

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