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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Lest we think that building a wall across the entire southern US border only affects the movement of people, Glenn Hurowitz, Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy, reminds people of the impact the border fence will have on threatened species in the region.


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  1. Another Voice's Avatar
    According to Jack is the people not the wall that causes the environmental impact. He has not presented the science behind it but we all know that all the wrongs in american today will find the blame on undocumented immigrants.
  2. Frank W.'s Avatar
    Events are definitively developing so fast!
    "I have written to Congress on previous occasions regarding the importance of timely action to increase the debt limit in order to protect the full faith and credit of the United States and avoid catastrophic economic consequences for citizens. I again urge Congress to act to increase the statutory debt limit as soon as possible."
    Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner - 05/16/2011

    US hits debt ceiling, begins pullback
    Posted: 16 May 2011 2341 hrs
    Timothy Geithner

    WASHINGTON: The US Treasury warned of economic catastrophe on Monday as it ran into its $14.29 trillion ceiling on borrowings and began short-term measures to delay breaching the limit.

    In a letter to US Senate leader Harry Reid, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the country had reached the statutory debt limit as of Monday and was initiating a "debt issuance suspension period" to keep from going over it.

    Geithner urged Congress to raise the ceiling "in order to protect the full faith and credit of the United States and avoid catastrophic consequences for citizens."

    To avoid topping the ceiling, the government would halt the automatic cycling of civil service pension funds into US Treasury debt, the way they are traditionally stored, he said.

    The move will give the Treasury about $224 billion dollars of headroom as it meets an estimated $120 billion a month in net new borrowing needs to cover the government's mounting budget deficit.

    However, by August 2, according to Treasury projections, spending requirements will exhaust the temporary measures and the government will have to either slash spending on existing obligations or possibly default on its debts.

    In a letter to another senator on Friday, Geithner warned that failure to increase the debt limit "would force the United States to default on the obligations, such as payments to our service members, citizens, investors, and businesses."

    "Default would not only increase borrowing costs for the federal government, but also for families, businesses, and local governments - reducing investment and job creation throughout the economy," he told Senator Michael Bennet.


    For those who may wonder what's the relationship between immigration and the economy, better start accepting the fact that they are inextricably linked.
  3. Frank W.'s Avatar
    "According to Jack is the people not the wall that causes the environmental impact. He has not presented the science behind it but we all know that all the wrongs in american today will find the blame on undocumented immigrants."

    Jack needs to go back to school and get some decent education. He clearly fits in one of Leo Strauss' categorization of society: the Vulgar Many.
    "The Vulgar Many, are lovers of wealth and pleasure. They are selfish, slothful, and indolent. They can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe."
  4. Another Voice's Avatar
    That is an awesome quote Frank.
  5. George Chell's Avatar
    According to Jack, destruction of environment is OK as long as it is done by the wall and electric fence. However, not if the people do it!
  6. Jack's Avatar
    "all the wrongs in american today will find the blame on undocumented immigrants."

    Nonsense. I am also not of the belief that all the problems in America today can be cured by more immigration. On issues where population growth is relevant, there is a distinction between blaming immigration entirely for the problem vs. contributing to the problem. There is also a distinction between disfavoring an immigration policy vs. blaming a person who takes advantage of a misguided policy.

    The premise of the smear campaign against environmentalsts against population growth (through high immigration) is that it's just a fig leaf for racial hatred. All environmental populaton/immigration arguments were dismissed as the "greening of hate". The lower immigration faction of the Sierra Club was viciously attacked. Well, well:

    That was the same [anti-fence] sentiment shared by all five of the anti-immigration Sierra Club board members or former candidates I spoke to. "The most important thing is to enforce employer sanctions," said former Democratic Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm, who ran for the Sierra Club board on the anti-immigration ticket in 2004. "That's 10 or 15 times more effective than fencing. If we put species extinction and other impacts on the scale, [the wall is] just not going to be effective enough to make it worth all the negative impacts."

    They are consistent. By contrast, people suddenly concerned about the environment as an excuse to oppose a form of immigration law enforcement (the fence) still don't care a whit about population growth (due to mass immigration) which causes the same species loss and habitat displacement they claim to care so much about the fence causing but on an much grander scale. Hypocritical much?

  7. USC's Avatar
    If the choice is between interior enforcement and building a fence, I say let's build a big fence.
  8. gg's Avatar
  9. Adi's Avatar

    Another USA Today article highlighting brain drain due to visa issues. Not just brain drain but lack of willingness by potential high skilled immigrants to come here presents a huge problem for US companies. Once this trend sets in fresh graduates, it becomes a firestorm that can't be stopped.

    If Jack alike are elated with feeling of "good riddance" then beware that companies will follow these workers and take away jobs that support the workers (research clearly shows 5 blue collar jobs are created to support one high skilled worker). It also takes away jobs of managers who manage these employees and all additional employees in the company. This in turn affects economy as a whole and tax coffers suffer. All in all a huge loss for a country.
  10. Anon's Avatar
    Adi is bang on. Hope people are educated enough to understand these concepts!!!
  11. George Chell's Avatar
    Jack is full of crap and so is the xenophobe former Governor Bill Lamm.
  12. George Chell's Avatar
    Why are Jack and Governor Lamm full of crap along with the bigots in the Green Movement? Belarus, Ukraine and Russia all have declining populations while their environmental conditions are among the worst in the world while densely populated countries of western Europe and East Asia...Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong have some of the best environment in the world. The bigoted wing of the Greens led by Richard Lamm can talk and yell all they want but that does not change the fact!
  13. George Chell's Avatar
    Adi is absolutely right...if we follow UK and put a cap on skilled immigration this is what will happen....

    Frustrated UK graduates look abroad for work

    LONDON - Nearly two-thirds of recent graduates have failed to find degree-level employment and many have considered working abroad due to the lack of jobs in Britain, according to a poll on Tuesday.

    Among 1,000 graduates surveyed, the poll suggests many are beginning to question the value of a degree, especially now tuition fees are about to rise threefold to 9,000 pounds a year.

    Given the choice of going to university again, 8 per cent would have chosen an apprenticeship instead and one in four said they would have gone straight into work.

    'The UK is failing its graduates,' said Sean Howard, vice-president of talent management firm SHL that conducted the poll.

    SHL surveyed graduates from the past three years, and found over a third have been job-hunting for up to a year.

    Although one in eight applied for more than 50 jobs, 60 per cent of those questioned had failed to get graduate employment.

    According to the poll, many graduates are now open to looking abroad for better job opportunities and salaries - Europe, North America and Australia are among the most popular destinations.

    A quarter said they would be willing to work unpaid for more than three months to gain career experience.

    'Not only has the cost of going to university risen, but UK employment options look bleak,' said Mr Howard. -- REUTERS,4574,439361,00.html?
  14. Arler's Avatar
    Amazing Post
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