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Angelo Paparelli on Dysfunctional Government

CIR ASAP -- An Ear-Popping Immigration Reveille for Business Leaders

Rating: 8 votes, 5.00 average.

The Congressional starter pistol on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) has been fired skyward with the release of a 644-page mish-mash of proposed changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act that will both please and infuriate pro- and anti-immigration combatants in the Capitol and throughout the land. Introduced by Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL), the bill with three names (the ''Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009,'' the ''Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP Act of 2009,''and the ''CIR ASAP Act of 2009'') is the first sortie in the coming Congressional ground war over immigration policy.

With the release of CIR ASAP, the early furor and focus will likely be on the big issues of border security, a path to citizenship for the undocumented and stiffer penalties for unscrupulous employers of unauthorized workers.  Law-abiding employers who rely on foreign citizens with brainpower, talent and rare skillsets should fly over these skirmishes and instead parachute directly into Title V and its thicket of 68 dense, befuddling and mostly anti-business provisions. 

Title V (described perversely as "Strengthening the U.S. Economy and Workforce") would transmogrify three key nonimmigrant visa categories -- the H-1B (specialty occupation workers), H-2B (non-ag skilled workers) and L-1 (intracompany transferees who are executives or managers or personnel with "specialized knowledge").  If Title V is enacted, employers petitioning for these work visas would soon be buffeted by a small army of newly added bureaucratic enforcers wielding an arsenal of expanded anti-employer powers conferred on the Departments of Labor and Homeland Security. Comparably draconian is Title V's new array of foreign-worker labor protections.

If CIR ASAP's Title V or similar anti-business fusillades become law, the only clearly foreseeable economic prosperity will accrue to immigration attorneys and employment lawyers who no doubt will be beseeched by an army of employers to explain the new burdens and liabilities and prepare the business community for the mountain ranges of added red tape and the expensive litigation to follow. 

Before anything like Title V or its ilk is allowed to pass, employers (as Cher said in Moonstruck with two hard slaps to the face of Nicholas Cage) must "snap out of it."  Forewarned is forearmed:  Read Title V.

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  1. Brittancus's Avatar

    E-Verify--IS--the answer to illegal immigration because it WORKS! It--MUST--and should be permanent, with sufficient penalties for violations. Blogger's have demonstrated to me that if employers explain to old and new hires, that the US government is implementing audits of companies throughout America. That any time ICE agents might appear without any warning and run an audit on any business at any time. That their 1-9's will be submitted to ICE, including photocopies of documents that--YOU--gave to us at the beginning of employment. ICE seems to be the magic word that means detention and deportation for anybody working under assumed Social Security cards, ID and other ill-gotten documentation if caught. Once alerted to this implication, those in this country illegally will be absent from work the next day. E-VERIFY IS THE ANSWER TO THE DESPERATE JOBLESS AMERICAN WORKERS AND MUST BE MADE PERMANENT. AN E-VERIFY LAW IS WHAT WE NEED, NOT ANOTHER OBNOXIOUS AMNESTY, THAT WAS NEVER ENFORCED AS IN 1986. DON'T CONDEMN US LABOR AGAIN , ENFORCE THE 1986 LAW.

    We all know the astronomical costs attributed to the illegal immigration invasion over many decades in education, health care and incarceration. So get on the phone and insist as a voter for your lawmaker to vote for

    THE SAVE ACT (H.R. 3308) and be relentless.One main enforcement tools is E-Verify, that discloses and removes illegal workers from job locations. The capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121. Also bombard the House-Senate policy makers with 28 cent postcards, to stop the open border organizations from engineering another Comprehensive Immigration reform or AMNESTY. GOOGLE and investigate the terrible consequences of illegal immigrants and families, demanding rights in the--SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA. On the brink of bankruptcy, overcrowded schools where English is a second language, and Liberal-Marxist-Extremist politicians in Sacramento, spending the peoples money to subsidize the low incomes of millions illegal foreign nationals. EXPECT A FINANCIAL cataclysmic nightmare, if AMNESTY passes.

    Bad as it is now millions more will enter America without permission causing even more chaos. Honest legal immigrants will be dumbfounded, when they learn illegal aliens will pay only $500 dollars to get legitimate status, While those people who went through the government inspection process and attorney filling fees for $2,500 dollars or more waiting for years to be accepted.

    Tell them to amend the 1986 Immigration Reform Act and not another travesty that was a total disaster to taxpayers. Virginia Abernethy, Ph.D., former chief statistician for the Bureau of the Census said in September 2006 at a speech in Washington DC, that there has been a intentional undercount going on, so that the claimed figure over the 305-million population did not happen in 2005 but instead as early as-- 2001. Those who believe in America's survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read the facts, not the lies at NUMBERSUSA. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. For Overpopulation statistics, should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL

    Anybody can copy and paste. We need to warn the general public?
  2. Ruben Botello's Avatar
    I offer a novel approach to "immigration reform," i.e., an AMERICAN UNION modelled after the European Union. All the good citizens of all the nations in our Americas could be able to live, work, study and travel freely from nation to nation in this international Union.

    You may review this proposal at
  3. Reagan's Avatar
    If anything, the H1b is a failed government program which should end. Let the free market in the US decide wages. The free market, not uncontrolled immigration/government programs, will be a welcome addition. Cut the H1b program in half, 40,000 outsourcing visas per year is plenty. There is far too much fraud in the H1b program.
  4. Gary's Avatar
    Lets cut the chase, it's simple H1B/Employment based green cards add to the economic might of this country on the other hand illegal immigration is counter productive and needs to be curbed.

    Easiest way to curb illegal immigration is through strict implementation of E-Verify.
  5. caca1225's Avatar
    Be real Americans!! Americans are either too lazy to compete with illegal aliens for hard labor jobs or too lazy to finish their education to compete these jobs with legal immigrants. While you're complaining the government doesn't secure your jobs, your kids are watching TV and dreaming to become a "Tiger Woods" or "Britney Spears" in the future so they don't have to study hard. If a person is out of work, that person needs to get a harsh reality check to see how come there are still many jobs (medical staffs, software related jobs etc) available but HE/SHE JUST DOES NOT QUALIFY!!
  6. Dissertation Writing's Avatar
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  7. ptc's Avatar
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