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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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2010 census data is gradually being released and it should worry anti-immigrants, particularly the Republican Party which has tried to appease the Tea Party gods by embracing a xenophobic agenda. Here's the latest, courtesy of CSM:

White Americans are still the majority in the United States, but they're rapidly being overtaken by Hispanics, according to the latest Census Bureau report, and this could have important political ramifications.

During the past decade, the Hispanic population in the United States grew 43 times faster than the non-Hispanic white population, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. Put another way, between 2000 and 2010 the US Hispanic population grew 43 percent from 35.3 million to 50.5 million. Its share of the total population rose from 13 to 16 percent. That accounts for more than half the total US population growth since 2000.

At the same time, Census Bureau officials reported, the non-Hispanic white population grew by barely more than 1 percent, dropping as a portion of the total from 69 percent to 64 percent.

Delusional Republicans will try and convince themselves that most of these people are illegally present immigrants. But the number of illegal immigrants in the US is dropping. Most of these new people are US citizens. And they vote. We got a taste of this in the 2008 election when Hispanic voters accounted for the difference in several states where President Obama won despite traditional Republican strength.


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  1. George Chell's Avatar

    Biggest defense mechanism is denial for these white skin worshipping pagans masquerading as Christians. They want to stop sharia law...legalize the 12 million Christian Hispanics. Want to fight moslem radicals...legalize the 12 million Hispanics! End of story!
  2. Frank W.'s Avatar
    Hispanics are destined to become the dominant ethnic group in the United States.

    However, this undeniable fact doesn't mean they will be the ones directing the political future of this nation. The leaders of this country follow agendas that do not represent the interests of the masses (they are carefully selected by the institutions that finance their campaigns).

    Moreover, do not be surprised if Barack Obama decides not to seek a second term since the ignorant and uneducated American populace is already upset the way he's handling the country. He is a very smart person and knows that a second term will cloud his legacy of being the first African-American President of the Untied States.

    Furthermore, the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the ones looming in the horizon (Iran and North Korea) combined with the the upcoming collapse of the US economy will make unattractive for him to continue as the White House tenant the next presidential period - perhaps he will become the next UN Secretary General whom by that time will have more power and influence than any president in the world.

    President Obama will issue pretty soon an Executive Order that grants some sort of legal protection to millions of undocumented aliens living in the United States based on certain prerequisites and requirements.
  3. Jack's Avatar
    "We got a taste of this in the 2008 election when Hispanic voters accounted for the difference in several states where President Obama won despite traditional Republican strength."

    Two states.

    "[P]erhaps some of my Republican friends are gonna start recognizing, if they looked at the last census, that they are gonna have a very hard time winning any elections if they continue to deliberately target anti-immigration sentiment,"



    Try Obama. Incredibly, he's admitting what immigration policy is all about with him--pure political expediency. Stay divisive, Mr. President.

  4. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Indiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico. Read the archives from this blog around then.
  5. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Oh, and of course, Florida.
  6. LFWF's Avatar

    Chris Cillizza
    The Republicans' Hispanic problem

    The fix weighs in
  7. Jack's Avatar
    "Read the archives from this blog around then."

    The pollster for NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo calculated two states would have flipped--Indiana and New Mexico. I was referring to that.

    Obama's quote is raising some eyeybrows along the lines of "[supporters of 1070; non-supporters of DREAM Act] aren't the kinds of folks who represent our core American values". "Bitter clinger" started it.
  8. George Chell's Avatar
    Had the Dems kept the House the Hispanics would probably sit out the next elections. But, with the GOP hell bent on committing suicide not only with immigration but with their shennanigans in Wisconsin and Ohio and other states as well, the Hispanics will turn out and vote for Obama, barring an economic meltdown. All Obama has to do is do nothing until the elections.
  9. Another Voice's Avatar
    I agree with George the retardicans have already given them selves enough rope to hang themselves in 2012. The will continue to self destruct in the primaries, in additional to having reignited the Union grass roots movements. They forgot to focus on jobs as promised and they have waged their traditional culture wars against immigrants, gays, unions, abortion and Obamacare, jobs are still MIA. Obama has to stay calm until the real election campaign starts. Although I am sure that there will be plenty of fake republican candidates doing all the dirty work in order to shield the real just a matter of seen how much damage the do to their party in the general election.
  10. Another Voice's Avatar
    Georgia Republicans are still going full force with thewir AZ style law. Latest update

    Here is what happened this morning.

    SB40 has now been substituted with language from HB87. Both are AZ style laws.

    Since SB40 now passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, it goes to the Rules Comm. and could be before the full GA House of Reps this week.

    Since changes were made to SB40, it would then go back to the Senate for AGREE/DISAGREE. If the Senate AGREES, then it would go to the Governor. If the SENATE Disagrees, then it would kick in a Conference Committee which will be charged to come up with a compromise bill, which would then be presented to the Legislature for Yea/Nay.

  11. George Chell's Avatar
    Perhaps Texas does need a change, a Hispanic majority with a Hispanic Governor...after all majority white in Texas not only bred a southern white governor who wants a secession, Rick Perry, but is likely corrupt as well.....
  12. Another Voice's Avatar
    Political notebook: In instant, Flake goes Mr. Tough on border

    Is U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake trying to do his best impression of U.S. Sen. John McCain?
    For years he's been the odd Republican holdout for comprehensive changes to the country's immigration system. But Flake changed his position this week, joining the mainstream of his party on the issue to say that kind of plan just won't work, and border security must come first.
    "In the past I have supported a broad approach to immigration reform - increased border security coupled with a temporary worker program. I no longer do. I've been down that road, and it is a dead end. The political realities in Washington are such that a comprehensive solution is not possible, or even desirable, given the current leadership," Flake wrote in a statement.
    Eager to offer its two cents, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee jumped on the revelation, calling him "John McFlake," referring to McCain's shift to the right during his 2010 Senate run.
    There's nothing wrong with changing a position after acquiring more information, but what if the only reason for the change is candidacy for higher office?
  13. George Chell's Avatar
    Flake is a Flake! Not concerned about Sharia Law but appealing to the white skin worshipping polygamous pagans masquerading as Christians, who abound among the GOP primary voters!
  14. gg's Avatar
    "President Obama will issue pretty soon an Executive Order that grants some sort of legal protection to millions of undocumented aliens living in the United States based on certain prerequisites and requirements."
  15. George Chell's Avatar
    I think we should convince Hispanics and Asians in states like Illinois and New York to move to Texas to make white people in Texas a minority a lot will greatly benefit the state!
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