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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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I saw the rather interesting report out this week from the Center for Immigration Studies that claims that 200,000 women in the US in temporary legal statuses are giving birth each year. Wow! That really must mean there is something to this whole wave of birth tourism which I've heard a lot about from the antis (though I've seen no evidence of it in my two decades of practice).

Crystal Williams, the director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has a great blog post explaining how ridiculous the claims in the report are. Any reporter that uses the CIS figures without investigating how the data was compiled is engaged in journalism malpractice.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    It all comes down to not having white skin color! CIS is a racist organization. Calling majority of children born to Hispanic illegals potential moslem terrorists is pretty laughable. If CIS really wants to fight the moslem threat they will call for legalization of illegal Hispanics to bring more Christians into this country. After all, AZ is stopping people with rosaries not with beards! Instead dark skin = terrorists! Kirkorian, Camarotta and Vaughan are white skin worshipping pagans masquerading as Christians fighting Islamic terrorism. In fact, they are not very different from Alexandra Wallace of UCLA...same mindset..she will have tough time getting a job as a white skin worshipping pagan...perhaps CIS or FAIR are the best places for her to stop hordes of Asians..white skin worshippers like her...or perhaps she can move to AZ and help Arapio, Brewer or work in the office of Russell deny anyone not looking like her US citizenship....

    but then again, she may fit well in her hometown of Fair Oaks, CA...plenty of Neo-Nazis in the Sacramento area!
  2. Another Voice's Avatar
    I am sure that FOX News will present this report as the only thing that matters in this debate regardless of the facts, really "Fair and Balanced"
  3. George Chell's Avatar
    "I am sure that FOX News will present this report as the only thing that matters in this debate regardless of the facts, really "Fair and Balanced""

    Which means that pro-immigration Rupert Murdoch has lost control of his employees! Great way to run a corporation!
  4. edward's Avatar
    Rights Group Faults U.S. on Detained Immigrants

    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, issued those findings in a report that also criticized a federal program that allows county and state law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration laws. The report said the government had failed to ensure that local police were not singling out people by race or detaining illegal immigrants on the pretext of investigating crimes.
  5. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    C'mon, the CIS could not have possibly be aware that haivng a child is not a random event that just happens to women out of a blue! It is a well kept secret that women may know they are about to have a baby, and that the vast majority of them actually decide to stay put and not travel internationally right around the time of the expected birth.
  6. Another Voice's Avatar
    AZ had enough of the none sense they are coming back to earth!!!
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