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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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Here are the contents from the latest issue of my newsletter which is at my web site ( 

To download the entire newsletter in PDF format, click here.

1. Openers

2. ABC's of Immigration Law: The DREAM Act Proposal

3. Ask

4. Border and Enforcement News 

-Feds at odds withVictorville,CAover regional center

-Californiastudent released after intervention by Sen. Feinstein

-ACLU accuses ICE of illegally detaining bus

-Incoming FL governor would back Arizona-like immigration enforcement

-Jeb Bush announces opposition toArizona's immigration law

5. News from the Courts

-Studentsqualify for in-state tuition regardless of immigrationstatus

-Supreme Court hears challenge toArizonaemployer sanctions law

6. News Bytes

-Rhode Islandgovernor-elect firm about repealing executive order

-Tennessee lawmaker sorry for remarks on immigrants

-Whitman agrees to provide former housekeeper with unpaid wages

-Miami student leader reveals he is an undocumented migrant

-Governor pardons six immigrants facing deportation over old crimes

-Attorney General-elect says RI to adopt federal immigration program

-GOP blocks fiery immigration resolution

-California town passes E-Verify requirement

7. Washington Watch

-Lawmakers expect DHS to cancel troubled border security program

-House OKs proxy marriage bill for service members

-Texas Rep. elected leader of Democratic Hispanic Caucus

-Steve King: 'birthright citizenship' bill could be soon

-Alabama senator stalls Ferschke bill      

8. Updates from the Blogs

9. State Department Visa Bulletin: January 2011


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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    ""Whereas, now our open door immigration policy and our failure to close our borders to illegal immigration are doing what Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, with all their guns and war machinery, could not do," Larsen'sresolution read."

    Should rather read "Whereas, now our open door immigration policy and our failure to close borders to illegal immigration are directly as a result of the debt run up by Reagan and subsequent administrations, and due to the gun running by Americans south of the border respectively, by closing the border we will do what communist East Germany, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan could not do...we will establish a fascist state where Americans are spied on regularly. Of course, if we stop legal immigration, foreigners may no longer want to service our debt or invest in this country, and we will end up living in the caves and hunt like our forefathers did back in Europe around the time of Christ, and the framers of our constitution intended through the second amendment!"

    This will get the support of the NRA, Gun Runners of America and the John Birch Society and also the drug pushers in America and outside the country.

  2. George Chell's Avatar
    If Steve King supports counting only citizens for redistricting purposes I can consider his goal to end birthright citizenship. But, I am afraid this is a ploy by GOP and King to pad up the racist white vote through additional congressional districts.
  3. USC's Avatar
    "Alabama senator stalls Ferschke bill"

    This is a new low, even for "Senator" Slime B. Sessions.
  4. George Chell's Avatar
    ""Alabama senator stalls Ferschke bill"

    This is a new low, even for "Senator" Slime B. Sessions."

    Not exactly! If Ferschke had married a German or European Sessions will not have a problem. But, his is an interracial marriage. Presence of two more non-whites mean American is closer to the whites become a minority in this country. He is stalling because Ferschke's wife is not white and he does not want more non-whites than otherwise would be the case. To understand why he blocks the bill is very simple. Sessions is a child of Jim Crowe...and blocking the bill is fine for him and his racist supporters who are still miffed at the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and more non-white immigrants move into the country. As one white Alabamian once told me when I was visiting Montgomerry.."if Asians and Hispanics were not around here in large numbers, we will find it easier to put the blacks in their place!" This is the kind of trash that Sessions represents.

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