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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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An interesting development. While some conservative groups came to Meg Whitman's defense and accused Democrats of just playing dirty tricks, the very anti-immigrant Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) was quick to condemn the gubernatorial candidate:

"It's pretty clear from all parties involved that Whitman did intentionally or unintentionally hire an illegal immigrant for nine years, which is a violation of federal law," William Gheen, president and spokesman of ALIPAC told TPMMuckraker in an interview Thursday.

"To allow Whitman to avoid a trial on this matter would be the same as allowing O.J. Simpson to avoid trial because he said he didn't do it before he was arrested," Gheen said.

Strictly from the standpoint of the law, I'm guessing Whitman is probably off the hook. That's because the staffing agency that sent the nanny to her household handled the I-9 and the SSA no-match letter is not, in and of itself, normally adequate evidence that an employer knows an employee is illegally present. In fact, that was one of the reasons why the Bush Administration tried to push through a regulation that would make receiving a no-match letter have such an effect. That regulation was never implemented. 

Of course, some might argue that Whitman should have known the situation after nine years of employment. Plus, the nanny was never able to travel with them during frequent overseas trips, something that should have been a fairly obvious clue.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    At least Americans for Movie Actors Immigration only is not as hypocritical as the other groups!
  2. JoeF's Avatar
    It is not quite clear to me that the staffing agency handled the I-9. Ms. Whitman presented DL and social security card of Ms. Diaz, which would indicate that she handled the I-9.
  3. USC's Avatar
    Whitman falls victim to the smoking gun:

    Whitman today:

    "California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman told KNX radio in Los Angeles on Thursday that she suspects the handwriting on a letter regarding the Social Security number of her former housekeeper is her husband's."

    As late as yesterday, she had claimed:

    "On Wednesday, Whitman had said "We never received that letter or that notification," and earlier on Thursday, she had suggested her former maid might have intercepted the letter because she handled the mail."

    This woman is a pretty vile character. She tried to lie her way out of this by first claiming that Governor Brown is behind this or the maid must have intercepted the letter. She shouldn't be on the ballot. How much lower can Can politicians go?
  4. Jim's Avatar
    She's a very dangerous character. The people of CA won't know w/c Meg Whitman is going to be if and ever she becomes Governor of CA. The worst case scenario is she is going to be in-line with Jan Brewer. Maybe even worst.
  5. Another Voice's Avatar
    Whitman victim of the hypocrisy of Immigration....
  6. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Too bad being a hypocrite and a liar is not illegal.
  7. USC's Avatar
    Prior to the smoking gun, this is what this woman said on Wednesday. Seldom has someone been so thoroughly unmasked:

    Whitman, locked in a tight race with Democrat Jerry Brown to succeed ex-film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, said her rival should be "ashamed" for what she called a smear.

    "Make no mistake, these allegations are completely untrue," said Whitman, a former chief executive officer of online auction site eBay. "They lack any merit whatsoever.

    "This is truly a political smear on me, on my family and based on lies, and it is designed to divert attention from the issues that really matter to California voters," she added.

  8. jibjab's Avatar
    You people are idiots.
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