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  1. JoeF's Avatar
    Did the guy come from East Germany?
  2. George Chell back from Singapore's Avatar
    GOBP...probably is a commie as well! More like China.
  3. George Chell back from Singapore's Avatar
    People in Singapore asked me whether to contribute anything to the Gulf Residents...I told them to wait till November 3. That is when we will know whether these guys are serious about their predicament. If most of the Gulf States vote for GOP it is a clear indication that they prefer BP friend Joe Barton to be the Energy Committee Chairman over Ed Markey. What does that have to do with immigration. I think their hate for immigrants and minorities makes them vote against their self-interest and we should not be subsidizing or encouraging this nonsense! They say they are mad at Hayward and BP...but the proof is in the you vote!
  4. Adi's Avatar
    How can somebody hate entire country/race so much? Mexico is number three trading partner after all. Recently Goldman Sachs added Mexico to the list of top five powerful emerging economies of the world, along with Brazil, India, China, Russia.
  5. George Chell back from Singapore's Avatar
    Meanwhile, if Brain dead Sanders and Assbrain Grassley have their way all our jobs will move to Canada...
  6. Another Voice's Avatar
    WOW these people are really going crazy!!! It's easy to try to find a scape goat when things are going bad in the economy and the country as a whole, what easier target than immigrants.... unreal that these people can call themselves public servants!!
  7. Jim's Avatar
    "Meanwhile, if Brain dead Sanders and Assbrain Grassley have their way all our jobs will move to Canada..."

    George, if you call these politicians brain dead and assbrain then what do we call their constituents that keeps on voting them into office??
  8. George Chell's Avatar
    "George, if you call these politicians brain dead and assbrain then what do we call their constituents that keeps on voting them into office??"

    As I made clear to the Singaporeans, they should not contribute anything to the Gulf residents affected by the BP fiasco unless they turn out of office guys like David Vitter, Haley Barbour and many others both Dem and GOP who are in the pockets of the oil corporations. By voting for David Vitter on November 3, the residents of Louisiana have forfeited their right to ask and receive aid, even as a murderer in that state forfeits his claim to life. If you make the wrong decision and elect someone like Joe Barton or Michelle Bachman, you have to face the severe consequences. So yes, indeed if they are serious about their livelihood, we shall find out on November 3 morning whether these folks are "little", "small", "small-minded" or simply "pea-brained".

    Now as far as Brain-dead Bernie is concerned, he may not be that brain-dead after all..he may actually want US jobs to move to Canada, to Ontario and Quebec. The more wealthy the Canadians along the border with Vermont, the more they will shop and tour his state, because it is a very short distance. In contrast, if jobs are created in Texas or California. due to the distance, the good folks in this state would not travel to Vermont or shop there and his state will not benefit. Perhaps Assley hopes that the Canadians shopping in Minneapolis or in the Dakotas will be kind enough to show up in Iowa as well! Perhaps it is in the best interest of these Senators to get the jobs to move to far as the constituents..well Vermonters clearly benefit when jobs move from the US to Montreal or Ottawa from sales and they would not feel the far as Iowa is concerned, the jury is still out!

  9. Jack's Avatar
    New column by Tamar Jacoby:

    Arizona's immigration law: Washington should stay out of it
    A federal lawsuit would only inflame things in Arizona,0,647393.story?track=rss
  10. George Chell's Avatar
    As usual Jack misses the main point and cherry picks what he wants to say...he fails to mention her call for CIR. This is my opinion...if the folks in the Gulf and elsewhere vote for the folks who are in the pockets of BP and other oil corporations due to their hate for minorities and immigrants they should not be helped out at least by private folks who are opposed to the power of big oil corporations....may be we should give permission to oil corporations permission to drill in AZ if they re-elect Jan Brewer and definitely if they elect Hayworth. May be BP can destroy AZ and make it unliveable for whites and minorities alike.
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