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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy


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The big news today was Senator Reid now backtracking and promising climate change legislation before immigration reform. But in a seeming effort to show the Democrats are close to ready to go on immigration reform, Senators Reid, Schumer and Menendez began circulating a detailed outline of a comprehensive immigration reform bill that appears to exclude Senator Graham. There are many positive things in the plan, a few worrisome ones and several new concepts. Incidentally, the new two stage legalization process looks very familiar.

A helpful reader posted this link where the 26 page proposal is posted. 

I've read the proposal and condensed it down to five pages. Obviously, I prepared this quickly so please forgive typos and feel free to email me corrections.

Siskind Summary of Reid-Schumer-Menendez Immigration plan


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  1. Kate's Avatar
    Eight years before one can apply for permanent resident status??? This *****!
  2. George Chell's Avatar
    Seems reasonable..except we need details on the commission and how it links to Green Cards for S&T graduates. Need to include doctors as well.
  3. My 2 cents's Avatar
    What about the 10+ yrs backlog in EB category? Why not increase the country limit for EB similar as FB. Why restrict the GC only to STEM graduates, extend to shortage occupations too which would include doctors, Sch A occupations.
  4. truthseeker's Avatar
    Demanding complete amnesty, and fast strack citizenship to illegals is a sure bet recipe for total failure. Complete quick amnesty will be very unpopular, and will sink the whole CIR. 8 year LPI status seems to be a reasonable compromise.

    There is another element in this draft that could sink the entire CIR. It seeks to "eliminate" FB backlogs in 8years, whcih would require massive boosting of per year total # of immigrants.

    Greed is what killed the prevous efforts, greed would kill this one too. CIR proppnets demand all or nothing and seem oce again are laying the ground work to get nothing in 2012. i.e sink CIR once again in 2010.
  5. My 2 cents's Avatar
    Obama back tracks on immigration reform, the AP reports.

  6. My 2 cents's Avatar
    Truthseeker, with visa recapture they can deal with the backlogs in EB & FB definitely more with EB. With the latest AP report CIR it seems is dead for the time being.
  7. Nitin's Avatar
    Here is the link on a nytimes news article (haven't seen the AP article but the same/ similar news):

    Obama Says Passing Immigration Bill May Be Difficult
  8. Shetty's Avatar
    I think this is a good framework which needs to be improved a little bit to get more people on board.

    We need to enact something that can get passed, if it means we cannot get people to fall behind amnesty, then atleast create a roadmap for this by setting up checkpoints, say

    1)Make it almost impossible to hire illegals (not triple, but make fines 10 times, and have such companies go through a agency to verify employees and make them pay for such agencies)
    2)Provide registration for already present undocumented that allows them to work and travel temporarily. Track their behavior for the next 10 years
    3)Increase border security, use more technology, if we can monitor Afghan-Pak border, why not our border. As long as illegals cant find jobs, they wont come
    4)Provide legal way to enter the country for temp jobs
    5)Make employment/immediate family immigration that doesnt require someone to wait 15 years to get permanent residency, make it reasonable, if you dont get your residency in 5 years in your quota, you automatically qualify

    and lastly
    6)provide a roadmap for the now documented illegals if they have no legal problems, have paid taxes, and done everything right to be qualified for residency, they go back to the end of line. They could instead go back to their country and get into the temp employment status directly but thats their choice

    I am sure there will be still people who wont agree to this, but I feel this may get through
  9. Legal and no longer waiting's Avatar
    Too much bureaucracy for my taste. I am not a ardent "small government" supporter, but this is insanity. If the immigration system allows people to immigrate legally more or less freely, then they would not need all this expense.

    Here is my list:
    * Kill 3 and 10 year bars. Those only fuel illegal immigration and do nothing else.
    * Self petitioning for a green card after 6 years legally or 10 years illegally in the US. No quota.
    * Make H1 independent from the employer (self-petitioned, like EAD) after 1 year in the US. This will take out insentives to underpay people.
    * Expand temporary immigration of lower skilled labor.
    * Exclude more professions from the green card quotas.
  10. Julie Chambers's Avatar
    What about the families spearated for years for minor visa violations. Overtsays for example, where is family unity in all of this? Spouses, fathers, mothers, separated from their families because of bars of reentry?
  11. Kaushik's Avatar
    The current EB backlogs for certain countries will not clear with simply increasing the country quota to 10%. The total number needs to increase from its current level of 140,000. But I guess, it is not a priority of this bill to give any relief to people waiting in line (patiently, satisfying all legal requirements) for the last 7 years and who will probably have to wait another 10 years to be 'current'.
  12. Another Voice's Avatar

    The delay on the legalization program part of your summary, do you mean that people continue to be undocumented until they meet the benchmark how ever long that takes? Then the start with phase 1 or do these two happen at the same time and during those eight years the meet the benchmark before people can become LPR.... could you expand on that point a little if you do not mind
  13. truthseeker's Avatar
    >>>Self petitioning for a green card after 6 years legally or 10 years illegally in the US. No quota.
  14. Adi's Avatar
    So much for nursing shortage!!!
  15. Another Voice's Avatar
    "Eight years before one can apply for permanent resident status??? This *****!"

    Yeah but according to this the LPI status would mean you are legally here and can even leave and re-enter the country and work legally. They are not going to give people a blank check on this thing.... this is a proposal after all is not perfect and IT WILL NOT make everyone happy.... but like in previous CIR efforts you can't let perfect be the enemy of the good. It's start and we are a long way from any of this actually happening it may not happen at all!!!
  16. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Hi AV - It is hard to really get too specific until we see the actual legislation, but it seems that until the benchmarks are hit, the status quo will continue. Personally, if the benchmarks are reasonably attainable and can be measured, I don't have a problem with this approach. From the document, it seems like that's the case. There has already been considerably more enforcement in recent years and hopefully some of that will be reflected in whatever goals are set.
  17. Greg Siskind's Avatar
    Adi - Not sure what you're trying to say, but nurses and doctors are included in the bill. I think advocates for immigration in those areas will be highly pleased by what they see.
  18. Adi's Avatar
    Greg, really missed that last line. Thanks for clarifying.

  19. Another Voice's Avatar
    Thanks for the response Greg, I agree with you in the sense that the benchmarks may be attainable, specially since the past eight years have been all enforcement nothing else. However it does make you think that it may be use as a political football and something they can keep kicking the can down the road since is the part of the reform that nobody wants to deal with... Is like the fence they approved the project then did not fund it, what is not to say they do the same here and the benchmarks are never met.
  20. My 2 cents's Avatar
    Greg, is Sch A included in this draft, know it's in the House bill. There is no clarity in with CIR with contradicting statements from Reid, Graham & finally Obama today.
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