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Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy

Arizona boycott momentum growing

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"Boycott Arizona" is now the 47th most popular search phrase in Google and that is surely a sign that efforts to sanction the state are accelerating. That little factoid should DEEPLY worry those in Arizona who are dismissing the threat (including Governor Brewer). Every major television news network and most major newspapers had stories today on the subject. And the advent of social media sites could have a major impact. After just a few hours online, a new Boycott Arizona Facebook group had more than 10,000 fans.

Boycott calls were coming in from many fronts.

First and foremost, cities around the country are taking up resolutions to bar contracts with Arizona-based companies. Washington, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles were some of the largest cities that began the process of considering boycotts. The President of the California Senate called on Governor Schwarzenegger to sever the state's economic ties with Arizona.

The government of Mexico posted a travel warning telling Mexican citizens not to travel in Arizona. Mexicans is the number one source of foreign tourism in the state. Mexico is also Arizona's number one trading partner - a relationship worth an estimated $8 billion a year in back and forth trade. Legislators in Mexico are debating imposing sanctions on Arizona. Mexican President Felipe Calderon warned trade and political ties would be "seriously affected."

Six conventions have now been canceled including the American Immigration Lawyers Association which was the first to announce it would scrap a major meeting, according to ABC News. Anecdotal evidence is already showing many individuals are canceling trips to Arizona. New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse explained why should would never visit Arizona again until the law is repealed and urged everyone in the state to where buttons saying "I could be illegal."

Boycott advocates also set their sights on baseball with calls to stay away from Arizona Diamondback games, both home and away, and for Major League Baseball to move next year's All Star game from Phoenix, something the League will have to take seriously given that 27% of the players are Hispanic.

Several major Spanish-language news outlets issued calls for boycotts.

Entertainers are beginning to announce plans to skip appearances in the state. Rapper Chuck D. of Public Enemy fame called for a boycott. His famous song from 20 years ago By the Time I Get to Arizona criticized the state over its failure to recognize the Martin Luther King holiday. Canadian band Stars announced they were canceling their appearances in the state and a campaign began on the popular blog Daily Kos to pressure musicians to cancel concerts.

And in one of the most interesting boycott-related stories, Arizona convention officials are worried that the Republican National Convention, which is considering Arizona for the 2012 convention, may choose another location.

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  1. George Chell's Avatar
    People of Arizona had their say..Jim Boehner says that "they have a right to enforce their state law"..but at the same time the citizens of other states and foreign countries have the right to boycott Arizona..I am all for Arizona exercising its rights to stop Hispanics and non-whites and harrass them unless the courts put an end to this. I sincerely hope that the citizens of Arizona reciprocate and respect the right of citizens, governments outside Arizona and other parties to boycott the state!
  2. coffee fan's Avatar
    Any states that really want to help out the poor beleaguered illegals, they should invite them all to migrate over ASAP
  3. Chuck's Avatar
    How popular is the phrase on Facebook ?
    I saw something like 11,000 + in just one group alone.
    The Arizona Tea company is busy fighting the fallout from Brooklyn NY... It was a nice name, maybe they will change their company to "Mexican Ice Tea" ??
  4. Rahul Taneja's Avatar
    I am staying in arizona legally and thinking of leaving the state. I think so this law is nothing but a political ploy of going against obama for passing the health care by republicans. Republicans still cant get it, if they come with these stupid ideas, i think so the next law will be to add RFID tags to all legals or simply put a bar code on all legals forehead so that we can find out who the illegals are - simple ha.
  5. Julie's Avatar
    Wow! This is backfiring on California.

    I don't think Arizona has to worry. From all the buzz on the internet tonight, there are MORE calls to BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA . There are people from all over the states that are confirming that California will be the target, I have seen everything from boycotting produce wines, travel and any food product made in California.

    The Arizona boycott won't last long. they have the other 49 states supporting them and their right to govern their OWN state.
    It's being called BUYcott Arizona.
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